29 Weird And Wonderful Things That Have Happened On A Plane

29 Weird And Wonderful Things That Have Happened On A Plane

The Burger King is sat in first class,

flying is the perfect opportunity to check out the weird and wonderful people in this world. You’re sat crammed in with a bunch of strangers that you’ll never see again and some of them really take the word “strange” to heart!  Here are 29 people on flights who weren’t just strange, they were absolutely crazy!

1. What chain of events could have possibly lead to this?

I have so many questions that will never be answered here.

2. Hello back there!

The kid wouldn’t be too bad but that fish toy is just creepy! I feel like it’s looking into my soul!

3. If you feel your seat hitting someone’s head, you’re too far back.

How self centred do you have to be to do this though?

4. And for our next trick, it’s feet!

Somebody got an in-flight neighbour they didn’t expect!

5. This is a cry for help

Doesn’t she know somebody’s sitting there?

6. At least they can see a lovely view!

I’m starting to think she doesn’t even care that somebody’s sat there.

7. Coming to cinemas near you this Halloween – FEET!

He’s not wrong, they are really freakin’ creepy!

8. They might not have been the nicest neighbours, but at least they made a friend!

I wonder if this woman knows her feet are all over the internet?

9. Although it could have been worse…

This woman’s just stuck her feet in the air for the whole world to see!

10.  And what are inappropriately placed feet without socks?

I don’t even wanna know what they smell like.

11. The feet look much easier to deal with than this hair, to be honest!

You wanted to watch a movie? She does not care!

12. Now THIS is someone I’d like to sit next to on a plane!

Best. Flight. Ever!

13. Well, we’re all doomed.

I’d be in total panic mode, I’m not even going to deny it.

14. I think this guy was just trying to choose who was gonna be sat next to him

It was a choice between the doll and a crying baby and he chose the doll.

15. Not even Mom wants to sit next to that crying baby

It’s Mom’s holiday too, people!

16. This is just really sweet

You’ll never forget how exciting it is to catch a plane for the first time!

17. Everybody, this is Daniel, he’s the best flight attendant in the business!

The next time I take a flight I want Daniel to be there.

18. There are some very frightened LOST fans on this plane right now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t constantly chanting The Numbers. “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42…”

19. May the odds be ever in your favour…

Facial hair like that takes some serious dedication though.

20. Honestly, I’d do the same thing…

This is just the Burger Lord, the Burger King is sat in first class.

21. I’ve heard of a therapy dog but a therapy turkey?

Just see how calming this turkey is when Thanksgiving rolls around.

22. I’d definitely prefer the turkey

Kill it! Kill it with fire! …AFTER the plane has landed safely.

23. Even the pilot gets bored on long haul flights!

Who’s flying the plane? Daniel the duck, of course!

24. Baby on board!

If only making friends was this simple when you’re an adult.

25. He has a point…

I can’t even pluck my own eyebrows effectively, never mind hijack a plane!

26. Bag it up!

When the cashier asked if I wanted any help packing my bags, this wasn’t what I imagined.

27. What even is this?

You know what? I don’t even want to know.

28. Perfect timing!

They couldn’t have timed this any better if they tried!

29. The best seat in the house!

Do you think I could cuddle this panda when turbulence gets scary?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen on a plane? Have you ever sat next to a cute animal or had feet invade your personal space? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends!