28 Terrible Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Cry For The Wrong Reasons

28 Terrible Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Cry For The Wrong Reasons

Weddings are truly breathtaking events. For most of us, they are the once in a lifetime event that just has to be perfect.

Everything is planned for months – even years – in advance. The cake, the venue, the flowers, the rings.

The average wedding can cost you somewhere between $19,984 to $33,306, so if you’re spending that much money on you’re wedding you have to make everyone is as good as it can be.

The bride’s wedding dress is no exception. The famous white dress must look amazing. Otherwise, it could make for some very awkward wedding photos in years to come.

Brides spend months in advance, searching the internet for wedding dress ideas, trying to find an image of the dress that will transform them into Princesses.

Unfortunately, for these brides, their wedding dresses made them look more like Ugly Step Sisters then Cinderella.

We’re the first to say that the special day of holy matrimony has importance beyond what the bride wears. Nonetheless, we’d be lying – and so would you – if we didn’t acknowledge the importance of the wedding dress for most brides.

I mean, ladies spend months before their big day toning and exercising to make sure the dress is a perfect fit and they look drop-dead gorgeous. I sure know I’ll be one of those bride-to-be’s when my big day comes round.

With the importance of the wedding dress agreed, we’ve compiled our favorite wedding dress fails that are guaranteed to make you cringe. A lot is to do with the all-important dress (there are some shockers below), where some are just downright weird photos we thought you’d enjoy!

One. Really?

Because nothing is more attractive than having a giant vagina on your wedding dress.

Two. Wedding Cake Dress

Surely that can’t be comfortable, and what if she needs to go to the toilet? She’s kind of stuck in there…

Three. Here Comes The Bride And The Baby

Why would anyone do this? I’ve heard about including your child in the service, but I never expected anything like this!

Four. Baked Goods

Oh look, the Queen of Tarts got married… I bet that won’t smell good after a few hours…

Five. Long Train

That’s a very long dress train!

Six. Wedding Dress For The Wedding Night

Surely this dress is more suited for the wedding night and not the wedding day?

Seven. Got Any Pins?

I hope none of the wedding guests try to pop this dress.

Eight. Tent Dress

I wonder how many people this dress could hide?

Nine. Divorce Papers

Such a cynic!

Ten. Can’t Have Both

Isn’t camouflage suppose to hide you? I can see her perfectly clear!

Eleven. A Cotton Condom

This isn’t a very attractive look…

Twelve. Tasty!

You could say that this dress is rather tasty!

Thirteen. Falling Out

It looks like they’re about to fall out! Bet that made the wedding rather awkward…


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