28 People Who Failed So Hard, They Ended Up Winning

28 People Who Failed So Hard, They Ended Up Winning

Let’s be honest here, people, we all kinda like seeing someone making a bit of an idiot of themselves. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but boy does it give us all a good laugh! So here are 28 people who failed so hard, they ended up winning, get ready because they’re gonna tickle your funny bone!

1. This guy, who’s currently nursing a broken butt.

Because what could possibly go wrong here?

2. You’re not invited to The Great Gig In The Sky.

Pink Floyd? Wasn’t he that guy who used to sell dodgy DVDs in the local bar?

3. He’s not gonna be making the team any time soon.

Poor thing, at least he tried!

4. Sure we can!

When the sign with the height limit on it says you can’t, you should probably assume that you can’t.

5. Erm, Steve? That’s not how you bowl…

I don’t think it counts as a perfect game if you knock down the entire building in the process.

6. Somebody, please explain to him how a phone works!

I get the feeling that Austin is going to lead a very troubled life.

7. Careful… careful… wait, what are you doing?!

So what happened to that very delicate skull you uncovered, guys? Oh, a hammer. Of course. Why not a hammer?

8. Serves him right!

Nobody’s sad that this idiot failed and failed hard.

9. Because gymnastics in the kitchen are a great idea…

…said no one ever.

10. I’ll bet Rihanna was thrilled when she saw this

That photoshop is totally amazing though!

11. Jumping into a frozen lake? What could go wrong?

You might be frozen, but there’s no Elsa to help you here, buddy!

12. Joseph is asking the important questions here.

Thank you Joseph, you’ve got the world’s best interests at heart.

13. I don’t think that’s what they meant when they said paintBALL!

And this, my friends, is why you should always listen to the safety instructions.

14. Jurassic Gingerbread!

This is actually a really excellent save. Good job, anonymous gingerbread house maker!

15. Sweet, sweet karma

That kid totally deserved this.

16. He wasn’t so bad…

Before you call somebody stupid, maybe you should take some time to check that it’s not just you!

17. At the car wash, yeah!

What part of “keep doors closed at all times” didn’t you understand?

18. Who let her go out like this?

What happened to your Mom saying “you’re not leaving the house like that” before you go out? Do parents just not care any more?

19. That didn’t go as planned…

Karma caught up with you kid!

20. Did the editor just completely miss this?

Well, at least they look happy about it!

21. I’ll bet he’s got a splitting headache now!

This is what happens when you’ve had a few wines and think you can do gymnastics.

22. Well, that’s just mean!

He may have failed his test, but this kid is winning at life.

23. Model behaviour

Well, at least it looks like a beachwear show. She’s just being prepared!

24. The perfect fit

I mean, yeah, it was meant to be for shopping carts, but the car park was full that day!

25. Everybody was kung fu fighting!

Let me show off my totally amazing martial arts skills… yeah, I totally meant to fall over, why did you ask?

26. Look at this cool thing I’m about to do!

Yep, I think I’ve broken my legs. Could somebody take me to the hospital? Please?

27. The dumbest thief ever.

I really hope all of his big scary prison friends saw this video.

28. This guy’s just trashy!

The motto of the story? Senseless acts of violence won’t end well for you, genius.

Wow, that was a lot of fail we just managed to get through! If these made you laugh until your sides hurt, why not leave us a comment and share this with your friends! Don’t be a failure, do it now!