These 28 Illegal Photos Show The Dark Reality Of North Korea

These 28 Illegal Photos Show The Dark Reality Of North Korea

14. Curfews 

North Korea is dead at night time. Curfews are common in many places.

15. Pump Action

North Korea is still behind the times…

16. Restricted

Most areas of North Korea is restricted.

17. Open Displays Of Wealth

In North Korea, open displays of wealth is considered ‘distasteful’.

18. Not So Powerful

The North Korean Army isn’t as powerful as they tell us…

19. Farmers

Children are often seen in fields, picking crops and farming.

20. Street Vendors

Street vendors are a common sight in North Korea.

21. So Many

This photo sends chills down our spines…

22. Abandoned Houses

Most buildings look abandoned.

23. Cars On Roads

Cars are a luxury only a few can afford, so the roads are mostly empty.

24. Standing Out

This photo speaks volumes…

25. Strong Army

The North Korean Ais supposed to be the strongest in the world.

26. Lake Bath

For the people in rural North Korea, supplies are very limited.

27. Subway Station

North Korea is home to the deepest subway in the world. It’s also used as a bomb shelter.

28. A Long Walk

Supplies are so limited in North Korea, many children have to miss school to carry water to their home.

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