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Japan is such a cool country. “Why?” I hear you ask… let me tell you.

For a start, it’s made up of thousands of islands – 6,852, to be exact. All these islands make for some beautiful scenery and also a country that is made up of loads of places with their own unique character.

It’s a popular country too. It’s the 11th largest population in the world with over 127 million inhabitants.

However, living in Japan does come with some risks.

It sits on an area of the ocean which is known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Terrifying, right?

It means any country sitting on it will experience a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes.

For example, in 2011 Japan was hit by an earthquake that had a magnitude of 9. This in turn caused a tsunami which resulted in huge devastation and loss of life.

Being a country of islands, surrounded by the sea, it only makes sense that the Japanese love to eat fish. Who can blame then too? It’s so tasty!

Despite their love for healthy food, the national sport of Japan is sumo wrestling.

If your unfamiliar with the sport, then imagine two big people battling it out while wearing a tiny black diaper. It’s very entertaining!

As Japan’s terrain is mostly forest or mountain, making farming very difficult in the country.

In Japan, modern technology often clashes with tradition. That’s what gives the country it’s incredibly unique look.

Japan is famed for it’s crazy inventions. But while they may seem a bit bizarre at first, they prove themselves to be very practical.

Take a look at these Japanese inventions, they’ll blow your mind!

Need A Hand In The Kitchen?

Need a little help when chopping those tricky vegetables? Don’t worry, this Japanese invention can offer a helping hand!

No Shoe Laces

No need to worry about your shoe laces becoming undone. These shoes are perfect for every foot!

Vending Machine Car

Suddenly fancy buying a new car? Don’t worry, Japan has you covered with these awesome car vending machines!

Hot Pants

These pants have specially built in fans to help keep you cool while your hard at work at the construction site.

Napping Station

This table is perfect for those who enjoy an afternoon nap. I want one of these in my home!

Head Protection

Need head protection? Then why not buy this helmet that will also massage your head at the same time!

Neck Rest

Keep your neck comfortable with one of these bad boys! Now you can comfortably work while laying down on your front.

Ear Explorer 

Explore the inside of your ear with this handy little ear recorder!

Take My Money

Keep your money safe by hiding it in this creepy money bank!

Pant Towels

Need to wipe your hands dry but nothing to dry them on? Don’t wipe them on your pants, buy some trouser towels and use them instead!

Pillow Hat

I like the idea behind this invention, but I don’t think it’ll work all that well!

Taxi Walker

Keep your pennies safe by walking instead of getting a cab! The Taxi Walker records how much money your saving by walking.

Umbrella Goggles

Don’t struggle to see while keeping dry. This umbrella gives you a little panel to watch where your walking.

Blinkers On

These glasses remind you to blink more often by going foggy when you don’t blink often.

Ear Alarm

Worried about falling asleep on public transport and missing your stop? Use this alarm (that only you can hear) to help you wake up!


In Japan, they recycle old phone boxes and turn them into some pretty impressive fishtanks!

Baby Recorder

In Japan there is a baby monitor that allows you to record the sounds your baby makes while still inside you! How cool is that?!

Dry And Go

In a rush, but need to dry your hair?

Sun Powered Lighter

Forgotten your lighter? No worries, Japan have got you covered!

Tie Umbrella

Always be prepared for bad weather with this super handy umbrella!

Shoe Covers

These shoe umbrellas will keep your feet nice and dry!

Butter Me Up!

Now that’s an impressive way to butter your toast!

Fan Away

Stop yourself from crying while chopping onions with these glasses fans!

360 Photos

Capture the scene perfectly with these incredible head cameras!

Sing On Your Own!


Thanks to this microphone, you can sing along to your favorite song without anyone hearing you!

Finger Brush

Save money on toothbrushes with this fancy finger toothbrush! Nifty, right?!

Earplug Earrings

Now you never have to listen to your nagging mother ever again thanks to these stylish earrings!

Slipper Hitter

Kill bugs instantly with this killer slippers!

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