28 Blooming Beautiful Flower Cakes That You'd Mistake For A Real Bouquet - Aunty Acid Buzz

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These days it seems like people can make a cake out of anything, which is probably why I’m so freakin’ hungry all the time! These beautiful floral cakes are covered in beautiful blooms that will make you hungry every time you walk past a florists or garden for the rest of your life.

1. This gorgeous cake would not be out 0f place in a flower display

2. Cupcakes or tiny potted plants? Who knows?

3. A floral cake AND a drip cake all in one? This baker’s so on trend that they know what’s going to be in fashion 6 years before it happens!

4. If there’s no room on the cake for more flowers, what do you do? Cover everything around the cake in flowers too! Problem solved!

5. Imagine how much time all of those tiny petals must have taken to make! There’s gotta be hundreds here!

6. Considering how small a cupcake is, I can’t believe how detailed these flowers are! This baker must have so much patience!

7. It’s like somebody took a whole flower garden and threw it all over a cake. Although, I’m sure this tastes much better than that would!

8. If I had a choice between this cake and a bouquet of roses, I’d choose the cake every time. You can’t eat real flowers! Well, you could, but you’d probably be sick for a few days!

9. This looks like a wreath you’d hang on your door in Springtime… but much more delicious.

10. Is this a cherry blossom tree or a cake? I can’t tell!

11. As if I weren’t hungry enough already, we now have a floral cheesecake. Can I just shovel it all into my mouth in one go, please?

12. Can you imagine having a cake like this at your wedding or birthday? You wouldn’t want to let anyone else have a piece!

13. This cake looks like a floral arrangement in a little pot. Except I’ve never wanted to eat flowers so much in my life.

14. These look like corsages, and honestly I think my bridal party would have been much more impressed with cupcakes than with actual flowers!

15. This one would be perfect for a pianist who likes flowers and cake. Lots and lots of cake.

16. This beautiful blossom cake must have taken so long to decorate but boy is it worth it!

17. I think I could walk down the aisle with this cake in my hands and nobody would bat an eyelid.

18. I know this looks like a basket of flowers, but don’t try to water it, it’ll ruin the flavour!

19. I don’t know what that message on the base says, but I’m guessing it’s something like “These aren’t real flowers, honest!”

20. Yes, this looks like a bridal bouquet but if you throw it over your shoulder at your wedding you’ll have some very angry, frosting-covered bridesmaids.

21. This looks like a perfect Spring cake… but I would eat it any time of the year!

22. I’d pick this up in a florists and believe it was real flowers if you didn’t tell me the truth!

23. With that presentation, do you think this was made for a competition? Because it would win first place every time in my book!

24. This one’s a little more understated than some of the others, but that doesn’t make me want to eat it any less.

25. Anyone else noting down the name of that bakery? Yeah, me too.

26. Is that money rolled up in the decoration of this cake? As if I needed another reason to eat it all!

27. This cake really rose to the occasion! Gettit? Gettit?

28. This one looks quite small… which justifies me eating the whole thing and pretending it was just one slice.

What’s the most beautiful cake you’ve ever seen? Have you ever made a baking masterpiece? Let us know all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!