27 Period Nightmares That Are Way Too Real!

27 Period Nightmares That Are Way Too Real!

Periods are horrible.

They are essentially biological ninjas that can surprise you at any minute, and they can make the next couple of days a living hell.

They ruin our favorite knickers and make us go crazy for days on end, as we feel like our ovaries are being torn apart.

Not only that but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money of tampons and pads.

It’s ridiculous!

Most people go through terrible cramps, emotions, and hormones that are all over the place, and the constant fear of bleeding through.

So here are some of the worst nightmares any woman on their period will understand!

Did I take my tampon out?

This is a never ending dilemma when your on your period and your a tampon user.

Before you put in your tampon, you always end up having to fish around to see if you actually took out your other tampon.

It’s weird, it’s unpleasant, but it’s always better safe than sorry!


Bleeding through your knickers

This is really embarrassing, especially if you’re wearing a nice pair of light colored knickers and you unexpectedly start your period.

Period pro tip: Always wear black knickers!

I’m feeling bloated

It’s always annoying when you have to undo your pants because your so bloated.

Bloating seriously is one of the worst side affects of being on your period.


Bleeding through your jeans

Your always CONVINCED you’re bleeding through your jeans, even when your not. 

It’s a paranoid feeling and it’s never fun.

We rush as quick as we can to a bathroom only to find that we were fine all along.

Pulling out a dry tampon

I think the thought alone is enough to make any of you cringe.

It’s a painful and awkward feeling, but it means you have a month before Mother Nature rears her ugly head around once again!

Trying to wee while wearing a tampon

We all wee when we’re wearing tampons, it’s ok because it doesn’t affect it at all… But we do have to push it back in after our wee.

Bleeding on the bed sheets

We’ve all done this! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling ashamed when we wake up in the morning to see a strip of red on your bed.

Using a cardboard applicator

Any woman knows there is a big difference between a plastic and a cardboard applicator. Plastic just helps it slide in easier, and the feeling of cardboard in there is just down right weird!

A red herring

When you think it’s all over, but then your period rears it’s ugly head and comes back for a few more days.

It’s a terrible moment and it usually happens when you decide that we can finally go pad or tampon free. How wrong we were…

Trying to poo with a tampon in

This is even worse than trying to wee a tampon in. Gross!!!


If you thought being on your period was bad enough then you haven’t had to deal with period acne.

Feeling bloated is one thing, but feeling bloated while dealing with acne… Total confidence breaker.

Dropping a fresh tampon 

Is there actually anything more devastating than this?

No, there isn’t.

You just wasted a perfectly good tampon…

You bled through

Tying something around your waist when you accidentally bled through.

We’ve all done this when this little, red accident happened.

Blood gush

That weird feeling you get when you sit up first thing in the morning and feeling the blood gushing out of you.

Absolutely disgusting!

Blood clots

These little blood clots definitely make you feel sick… Just try not to look at them for too long when your changing your pad/ tampon.

Washing your knicker

There’s nothing more embarrassing than washing the blood out of your knickers.

Having a shower

Now this is a sweet relief. You finally feel clean… Well for a few minutes until you start to bleed while your in the shower.

Seeing red on a white bathtub is kinda scary!

Bad period pains

Some of us suffer from terrible period pains, pains so bad they often prevent us from moving.

Who knew our monthly visitor had the power to make us bed ridden for a week?!

A quick rush

You have very little time to find a pad or a tampon once you get out of the shower before you start to bleed.

Getting the tab stuck on your leg

Getting the sticky bit of the pad stuck on your leg is actually pretty painful!


Or your pubes

But getting it stuck on your pubes is even worse!

Or on itself

This means you’ve just wasted a perfectly good pad!

Put it in wrong

Where you feel like you haven’t put in your tampon in correctly.

We’ve all been there and we haven’t realised until we’ve left the bathroom!

Rude awakening

Where you wake up in the middle of the night by your period cramps…

It’s just too much to cope with!


Adjusting your pad

Having to readjust your pad in public.

You know it’s uncomfortable, but it has to be done in the most discreet way possible!

Laughing too much

Laughing or sneezing too hard and feeling a rush of blood coming out your body…


Quick improvisation!

Improvising with a wad of toilet paper when you’ve ran out of pads or tampons and no one near by has one!

Talk about a period drama!!

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