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Some people just seem like they were born to be parents. They make it look so easy, their kids are always good as gold. Meanwhile yours are screaming Walmart down three aisles away while you regret your birth control decisions.

Maybe when we think of perfect parents, moms spring to mind first. But dads can kill it on the parenting front just as easily.

The old stereotype of dad reading the newspaper and ignoring the kids when he gets home from work is dead and gone.

Don’t believe me? Check out these guys bossing parenthood.

Every parent knows that traveling with kids can be a nightmare

But it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t they grow up fast?

Seems like one day they’re toddling around in diapers and the next they’re a weird spindly tall guy.

Halo there dad!

Mister Chief and Master Chief reporting for duty!

Han Solo and Princess Leia

When he tells her he loves her, she just says ‘I know’.

Viking dad with viking lad!

One day your beard will be a long as mine, son.

Surfin’ dad

Um yeah, she looks like she’s having a great time… now where’s that number for child services?

Your kids can come in useful when you get into a high speed chase

Take the wheel, Little Jimmy! I’ll shoot the tires out!

You’re definitely your father’s son, kid

Goodness help you.

I’ve heard of the game Fruit Ninja

But this is getting ridiculous.

Who said I can’t have a Superman bed, a Batman mask and a Hello Kitty duvet?

Certainly not this little princess’ daddy!

Like father, like son

The little guy will be keeping up in no time.

Learn some grammar, kids

Also dad, get some bigger jeans for those kids.

They say if you complete the game you get a special achievement

But all I keep getting is puked on.

What do you think the problem is? “I think it’s that I’m not wearing pants”

That kid is definitely gonna grow up to be a plumber showing backside like that.

Is this the family planking clinic?

Drop and give me twenty! I don’t care if you can’t count to twenty yet, just do it!

I used to love playing those co-operative video games with my brother when we were kids

This is just a step up from that! By that I mean, better graphics.

Is it wrong that I kinda want this room in my house?

But… you know… for myself. Screw those kids.

This dad has some skills!

Evil, evil skills!

That’s amazing!

I can’t wait to see next year!

Okay, this one sends my OCD into overdrive

Look at that freakin’ coffee table!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

That if that was your kids’ bed, you’d wake them up each morning with a basketball shot? No… of course I wasn’t thinking that! Unless you were?

Some dads have dedication to match their handyman skills

Anchors away, let’s go out for brunch!

Let’s go out for breakfast… you can wear whatever you want!

Maybe dad regrets saying ‘anything’ now, but a deal is a deal.

Spider-Dad and Spider-Lad

That joke works in a variety of situations, okay?

Some kids just want to help

It’s pretty cute when their dads let them.

Sometimes it gets out of hand, though

This is definitely not cute, dad.

Seems like this guy took one look at swaddling and thought “I’ll have a piece of that action”

Can’t say I blame him.