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If you’re expecting a child any time soon, or maybe or family or friends are expecting a baby, you need to give that kid a name.

I know, right? The things they spring on you about parenthood! Nobody told me I would have to actually NAME this thing!

Anyway, if you want to name your child, you’ve got to choose the perfect name for them, right?

Something that will last a lifetime and something that will suit them. But also something that will be cute while they’re a tiny baby and also a name that’s unique and meaningful.

Sheesh that’s a tall order! No wonder people are turning to increasingly little-known names in an effort to find that perfect unique baby name.

Here are some of the most little used baby names in the US last year, why don’t you have a look through and maybe pick one of these!


Araceli is a Spanish name for a girl, which sort of sounds like a pasta. The most famous Araceli would be Segarra, who is a noted mountain climber. It means “altar of the sky”.


Originally Bethzy is a shortened form of Elizabeth and Bethany, it’s both a given name and as a name element in names like Mary-Beth or Laura-Beth.


The girl’s name Cleo has a Greek origin, which in its original form meant ‘glory’. It’s short for Cleopatra of course, who was one of the most famous women in history and an Egyptian pharaoh.


An American boy’s name, Draven is inspired by movies, namely Brandon Lee’s character in The Crow and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s from In the Shadows.


A cool and unusual variation of Ezekiel, a boy’s name which means “God strengthens” in the original Hebrew. You could even shorten it to Zeke!


Flannery can be a boy’s or a girl’s name, but is much less common as a female form. The origin of Flannery is from the Irish, from ‘flann’ and ‘gal’, meaning ruddy and valor, which also means “red-haired”.


A variation of the much more common boy’s name Gage, which originally meant ‘oath’ or ‘pledge’ in French. Horror fans might remember a character called Gage in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary for example.


An Arabic boy’s name meaning ‘lion’, the name comes from the legendary uncle of the Prophet Muhammad.


You might be seeing this less these days, but it’s nevertheless a beautiful Egyptian girls’ name meaning ‘throne’. Isis was also an Egyptian goddess, wife of Osiris.


Jamarion is an American boys’ name, used primarily in African American communities. It may be related to the name Jamar, which has been in use since the 1970s.


A new and unique girls’ name, which is an updated spelling of Cadence.


Lizeth is a girl’s name which comes from French, and is a shortened form of Elizabeth.


Maverick is a boy’s name in America which is still pretty uncommon but gaining more and more popularity.


Nevaeh has had phenomenal success since the singer Sonny Sandoval turned the word ‘Heaven’ around and used it as a girl’s name. So it’s especially popular with religious parents.


Omarion is a boy’s name with complicated origins. Omari is a Swahili variation of Omar, which means ‘eloquent’ in Arabic. And Omarion is another version of Omari! Phew!


Phoenix is of course a well known city, and can be used as a boy’s name, but as a girl’s name it means ‘dark red’ in Greek.


As a boy’s name, Quinn comes from the Celtic word meaning ‘wise’.


You say Renato, and I say Renetta. Renato! Renetta! Renato! Renatta! Let’s call the whole thing off!


You see what they did there? Yup, it’s James turned around! Semaj is also used as a surname in India.


As a name for a boy, Talon comes from the French word which typically refers to a bird’s claw.


Ugo is very common boy’s in Italy, but in other places it might call to mind that little Yugoslavian car.


Kinda sounds like a brand of mops. I mean, I’m sure your kid is a freakin’ gem, but she sounds like a push broom all the same.


A boy’s name with German origins, it’s a cool and not very well known choice for a male baby.


A boy’s name with Greek origins, Xander comes from the time of Alexander the Great and means “defending men”.


A boy’s name from combined Spanish and English origins, Yandel is still a rare choice of title for male babies.


A simplified spelling of Xavier, meaning ‘new house’ or bright’ in Basque or Arabic.