25+ Weird Vintage Photos That Look Pretty Creepy To Us Today

25+ Weird Vintage Photos That Look Pretty Creepy To Us Today

Some things in history look pretty crazy to us now, just like things from now will look pretty strange to people in the future.

Can you imagine trying to explain something like Dancing With The Stars to somebody in 50 years’ time?

They’d probably think you’d gone insane!

Just like when you look back at vintage photos, you can often see things going on that look pretty wacky to us these days.

Maybe at the time they didn’t seem so unusual of creepy… but now…

1. Melted waxworks

The morning after a fire at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum destroyed much of the building and many of the sculptures.

2. Catch of the day!

As you can see from the writing on the photo, this is the largest black sea bass ever caught at the time, by Edward Lewellen in 1903. He pulled in the 425 pound fish all by himself, even though he looks less than half the size!

3. Why are these sacks so cheerful looking?

Well during the Great Depression, a flour manufacturer got wind that women were so poor, they were forced to make clothing out of flour sacks. So the flour company started distributing them in more attractive flowered fabrics!

4. Civil rights protestors 

James Brock pouring acid into his motel pool while black protesters use it. The swimmers were jailed, but the Civil Rights Act was passed the very next day.

5. The first bulletproof vest

Police testing new bulletproof vests in 1923 looks more than a little dangerous for the test subject! Haven’t these people ever heard of dummies?

6. A prohibition era dump

A speakeasy jettisons their alcohol before they were raided to get rid of the evidence!

7. The face of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is delivered from Paris to New York City in 1885.

8. Annie Edison Taylor, Heroine of Niagara Falls

The first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel later said she’d rather die from cannon fire than go over the Falls again. It’s a way to make a living I guess!

9. This monkey gets the last laugh

Ham, the first chimp astronaut to be sent into outer space, poses with the headline after he returned safely.

10. The first spray on tan

Who needs tanning beds when you have a coin-operated tanning machine I ask you! It looked like a gas pump, and would spray a tanning solution out onto your skin! Seems safe enough, right?

11. A baby cage

In England and places in the USA like New York City, baby cages were seen as a way for children to get fresh air safely and freed up more room in the home. Safely?!

12. Civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr pulls up a burned out cross from his front lawn

The child next to him is his son. King and his family had to deal with threats on their lives on a daily basis from groups like the KKK.

13. Three Stanford students after a snowball fight

After a snowball fight between the freshman and sophomore years turned violent, many of the participants were injured. I guess snow was much harder in the olden days!

14. The original character of Ronald McDonald

“Hey kids, want a Happy Meal? Stop screaming! Why are you running away?”

15. A hippo pulls a circus cart

Back in the day, circuses would exploit animals in all kinds of ways that we just would not see nowadays.

16. The Barnum & Bailey freak show lineup

Throughout history, circuses have often recruited people with a physical deformity to put on stage, purely for shock value. As you can see from this photo, the definition of ‘shocking’ included people who were tall, obese, or even just a different race!

17. The first face transplant

Walter Yeo was one of the first people to receive a facial skin transplant, taken from other areas of his body. He was wounded while in the Navy in World War I, leaving him with massive facial damage.

18. Look closely at this ordinary seeming ferris wheel

Yes indeed, that’s a carnival at a KKK rally.

19. A boy with his riding boar in Ampthill, England

Seems totally normal, right? A kid riding a giant pig? Of course!

20. Two men examine their worn boots

Two men who walked 8,000 miles from Caracas, Venezuela to Washington DC, to get to the first Boy Scout Jamboree. That means they would have had to walk 25 miles a day every day for two years to get there!

21. A policeman judges a ‘best ankle’ competition

Modesty laws were so strict that at some points in the past, this was as much skin as women were allowed to show!

22. The first football helmet

The things were made out of leather, and the testing phase was very, erm… ‘hands on’, by the looks of things.

23. The first meeting of the Mickey Mouse club

The kids with no masks on look pretty terrified. Wouldn’t you be too?

24. A gas proofed baby stroller

A woman in a gas mask takes her baby for a walk in a gas proof stroller, before the outbreak of World War 2 in England. It didn’t catch on; I mean, who would take their baby for a walk during a gas attack?

25. What the heck is going on here?

Well, it’s engineers at Disney Land at work fixing an early animatronic. That looks so weird without the extra information!

26. A woman tests out fat rolling devices

People used to think you could just roll excess fat away!

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