25 Times Autocorrect Made Things SO Much Worse - Aunty Acid Buzz

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We’ve all been stung by autocorrect at least one time in our lives. It’s just one of those modern problems that you have to look out for.

Now I’m not saying that it’s the worst thing that has ever happened. Maybe it’s more a niggle than a problem, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to happen.

Imagine you’re text your mom, or worse your buddies who never let you live one single mistake down, and you send a message you didn’t mean to send! What then?

Well then, you curl up and start crying, because there’s nothing you can do, it’s out there in the world now!

Always remember to proof read your messages before you hit send, people! That’s how you won’t wind up in a mess like these poor saps!

1. It’s those uncommon words you have to look out for

Jeez Louise lady, how big are your boobs for gosh sakes? You  can hide a whole senior citizen under there?

2.When you’re texting your mom it can get all the more awkward

Imagine having to look that person in the face and explain this to them the next time you saw them.

3. But sometimes autocorrect can give you amazing jokes you never even thought of

Now we all like Game of Thrones, but obviously some people like it WAY more than others.

4. It can be a drag when people don’t respond to your boner

You don’t have to fly off the handle when that happens however!

5. Autocorrect can really undermine those heartfelt sentiments that you text people about

It always goes to show that if you’ve got something important to say, make a phone call! Then the only autocorrect is your brain!

6. That’s not what a hairdryer is meant to be used for, Nana

Unless you’re worried about the frizz that a towel can cause, I guess.

7. When you’re worried about your mom, the last thing you expect is for your dad to text back like this

Well if there’s anything that will make her feel better, it’s an epic penis.

8. I still don’t know what you’re trying to say, but I’m calling the police

Your autocorrect is really a reflection on yourself. What the heck have you been teaching your phone to say all this time?

9. When all you wanted was a snack but instead you got threats

That’s a good recovery, that sure looks like an aggressive sandwich to me!

10. You can see the exact moment when he started to panic

Just keep calm in these situations, autocorrect can smell your fear.

11. When you forget you’re talking to your mom for a moment and have to make a quick recovery

Sure, that was autocorrect. There’s no way you wanted to reply saying ‘NO, IDIOT!’.

12. Can you point to that one on the color chart?

It comes up with the most embarrassing stuff, probably on purpose.

13. Yeah, because you don’t want to look TOO popular at your party

And after an autocorrect disaster like that, you probably won’t be!

14. You can buy and sell kids these days? I’ve got to get down there!

I’m definitely using ‘Birdseed!’ as a curse from now on, though!

15. You could get a lot more than you bargained for when you’re ordering food!

General Toad sounds like a Saturday morning kids cartoon character.

16. You know what people are like about their organic stuff

But with some things, I don’t know how much more organic they can be!

17. I’m ready to hear all about this secret cake ingredient

On second thoughts, I’ll pass on the cake. I’ll go with store bought for my birthday.

18. I still don’t know what we’re talking about here!

Those are the ravings of a freakin’ mad person!

19. Well if i was floating in vodka, I know the only way that could be improved!

Sounds delicious, but keep them to yourself, please.

20. What would ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ autocorrect itself to?

You are so sorry? You are so fired!

21. What did I tell you earlier about staying calm?

This just gets more and more bizarre as it goes along!

22. So now you know, if you mis-type ‘when we go get the food’ it autocorrects to…

The last thing you could ever imagine!

23. Wow, that was quite an autocorrect you got yourself there!

You just keep telling yourself that, I don’t think your friend is buying it for a moment.

24. She broke her finger HOW???

I’m still confused!

25. I’m pretty sure there are laws against that sort of thing

What kind of BBQs do your family have?