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Is there someone you’ve had your eye on for what seems like forever but you have no idea if they feel the same way about you? You always seem to become close to this person but then something happens or life gets in the way and you never quite know what they’re feeling. Well, we’ve found 25 subtle signals that the man of your dreams may be sending your way to show that they’re secretly in love with you. See if you’ve spotted any of them in the man you love!

When you do spot these signs, it’s easier to respond to them because you will then be sure of his true feelings. Not everyone is quite as open to discuss these things which is why actions often speak louder than words. Therefore, there are other ways of communicating with each other that we probably don’t take the time to focus on. Also, when it comes to men, they are more prone to doing things that show their love rather than merely saying it out loud. So, don’t be discouraged if he’s not spilling out his heart to you. In fact, he may be giving you everything that he has and all you really have to do is respond to him when he does. It is his was of testing the waters of love and when you are keen to these actions, you will be in a better position to make sure that his efforts are not going unnoticed.

1. He uses affectionate body language

Men like to show how they feel through actions and touch, so if you find him putting his arm around you or giving you a hug for no particular reason, he’s probably trying to show you how he really feels. If he’s finding any little excuse for physical contact, he’s probably looking to be more than just friends.

2. He remembers special days

Your birthday? Easy, he’s had your present wrapped for weeks. Your Mom’s birthday? He’s booked a table so you can take her out for dinner. That day last year where the two of you hung out in the park and laughed until you cried? He remembers it without using TimeHop. These are the things that you should be noticing! When a man is taking time to express himself by doing things that matter to you, he is in love! I know that it’s not always as overt as you’d like it to be but the fact is, the love is there and it is making him into a better person for it.

3. He’s interested in what’s going on in your life

When you’re talking about your day he’s genuinely interested to hear about what’s going on. He’ll hang on your every word while you talk about the annoying thing your boss did today and where you went with your friends for lunch. He wants to know about all of it. This is a sure sign that he’s in love with you because he wants you to understand how involved he wishes to be in your daily life which means that all of these details are really important to him. Don’t be afraid to tell him everything that you need to say. He’s obviously listening.

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4. He keeps you up to date on what’s happening in his life

Not only does he listen to what’s happening in your day, but he wants you to know what’s going on in his too. You’re the first person he wants to share with if something great happens and the last person he wants to text before he goes to bed at night.

5. He notices everything

He’ll notice every little detail, if you’re down he’ll be the first to know about it. New haircut? Yep, he noticed that too. Nothing gets by him.

6. He’ll take care of you

If you’re sick, what is the first thing that this man does? Does he rush right over with chicken soup, cold medicine and your favourite movie? If he’s clearly trying to take care of you when you’re not at your best, then he’s trying to show you that you can rely on him.

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7. He remembers everything you say

Remember that little comment you made a few weeks ago about that movie you’re dying to see? He does. He pays attention to whatever you’re saying and remembers it all, probably better than you do yourself!

8. He respects you

Respect is a big deal in all relationships and this man seriously respects you. He’s polite, he makes an effort with things that are important to you and he always makes time to give you his undivided attention. He gives you all of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

9. He cares about your opinions

He cares about what you think about something. Has he got a new shirt? He wants to know what you think of it. It doesn’t matter what the topic of conversation is, he wants to know what your thoughts are on the matter and he’s genuinely fascinated to hear about what you think.

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10. He keeps an eye on you at social gatherings

If you’re at a party or some other social situation, you may catch him watching you. He just wants to make sure your comfortable, and he’s there to swoop in and save you if you’re having a bad time.

11. He’ll be the first one to apologise after a fight

No relationship is perfect, you’re going to argue sometimes, that’s just being human. But if you do argue with this person, you know that he’s going to be the first person to apologise and try to make up because he just can’t stay mad at you for too long!

12. He makes the most of the time you have together

He wants to make the time you spend together special, so he plans outings and things that he knows you’ll love so you’ll both have a really great time.

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13. He is always a gentleman

Yes, we know that things like pulling a chair out for you to sit down on and opening the car door for you are a bit old fashioned, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sweet. You might find that the man you’ve got your eye on does these things for you as a way to show that he’s the right one for you.

14. He’ll share with you

He has secrets that he’s never told anyone else that he will happily tell you all about. He knows he can trust you with them.

15. He values you

He knows how much you mean to him and the positive impact you have on his life and he’s not afraid to show it!

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