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Is there someone you’ve had your eye on for what seems like forever but you have no idea if they feel the same way about you? You always seem to become close to this person but then something happens or life gets in the way and you never quite know what they’re feeling. Well, we’ve found 25 subtle signals that the man of your dreams may be sending your way to show that they’re secretly in love with you. See if you’ve spotted any of them in the man you love!

When you do spot these signs, it’s easier to respond to them because you will then be sure of his true feelings. Not everyone is quite as open to discuss these things which is why actions often speak louder than words. Therefore, there are other ways of communicating with each other that we probably don’t take the time to focus on. Also, when it comes to men, they are more prone to doing things that show their love rather than merely saying it out loud. So, don’t be discouraged if he’s not spilling out his heart to you. In fact, he may be giving you everything that he has and all you really have to do is respond to him when he does. It is his was of testing the waters of love and when you are keen to these actions, you will be in a better position to make sure that his efforts are not going unnoticed.

1. He uses affectionate body language

Men like to show how they feel through actions and touch, so if you find him putting his arm around you or giving you a hug for no particular reason, he’s probably trying to show you how he really feels. If he’s finding any little excuse for physical contact, he’s probably looking to be more than just friends.

2. He remembers special days

Your birthday? Easy, he’s had your present wrapped for weeks. Your Mom’s birthday? He’s booked a table so you can take her out for dinner. That day last year where the two of you hung out in the park and laughed until you cried? He remembers it without using TimeHop. These are the things that you should be noticing! When a man is taking time to express himself by doing things that matter to you, he is in love! I know that it’s not always as overt as you’d like it to be but the fact is, the love is there and it is making him into a better person for it.

3. He’s interested in what’s going on in your life

When you’re talking about your day he’s genuinely interested to hear about what’s going on. He’ll hang on your every word while you talk about the annoying thing your boss did today and where you went with your friends for lunch. He wants to know about all of it. This is a sure sign that he’s in love with you because he wants you to understand how involved he wishes to be in your daily life which means that all of these details are really important to him. Don’t be afraid to tell him everything that you need to say. He’s obviously listening.

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4. He keeps you up to date on what’s happening in his life

Not only does he listen to what’s happening in your day, but he wants you to know what’s going on in his too. You’re the first person he wants to share with if something great happens and the last person he wants to text before he goes to bed at night.

5. He notices everything

He’ll notice every little detail, if you’re down he’ll be the first to know about it. New haircut? Yep, he noticed that too. Nothing gets by him.

6. He’ll take care of you

If you’re sick, what is the first thing that this man does? Does he rush right over with chicken soup, cold medicine and your favourite movie? If he’s clearly trying to take care of you when you’re not at your best, then he’s trying to show you that you can rely on him.

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7. He remembers everything you say

Remember that little comment you made a few weeks ago about that movie you’re dying to see? He does. He pays attention to whatever you’re saying and remembers it all, probably better than you do yourself!

8. He respects you

Respect is a big deal in all relationships and this man seriously respects you. He’s polite, he makes an effort with things that are important to you and he always makes time to give you his undivided attention. He gives you all of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

9. He cares about your opinions

He cares about what you think about something. Has he got a new shirt? He wants to know what you think of it. It doesn’t matter what the topic of conversation is, he wants to know what your thoughts are on the matter and he’s genuinely fascinated to hear about what you think.

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10. He keeps an eye on you at social gatherings

If you’re at a party or some other social situation, you may catch him watching you. He just wants to make sure your comfortable, and he’s there to swoop in and save you if you’re having a bad time.

11. He’ll be the first one to apologise after a fight

No relationship is perfect, you’re going to argue sometimes, that’s just being human. But if you do argue with this person, you know that he’s going to be the first person to apologise and try to make up because he just can’t stay mad at you for too long!

12. He makes the most of the time you have together

He wants to make the time you spend together special, so he plans outings and things that he knows you’ll love so you’ll both have a really great time.

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13. He is always a gentleman

Yes, we know that things like pulling a chair out for you to sit down on and opening the car door for you are a bit old fashioned, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sweet. You might find that the man you’ve got your eye on does these things for you as a way to show that he’s the right one for you.

14. He’ll share with you

He has secrets that he’s never told anyone else that he will happily tell you all about. He knows he can trust you with them.

15. He values you

He knows how much you mean to him and the positive impact you have on his life and he’s not afraid to show it!

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16. He’s protective of you

No, I don’t mean that he’s jealous of any other man that comes anywhere near you, he’s protective of you in other ways. If someone says a bad word about you or doesn’t treat you with kindness, he’s going to pick up on it and he’s going to jump to your defence.

17. He’ll stop himself from acting annoyed

He’ll try to let go of any little things you do that annoy him, because he knows that his relationship with you is worth more than getting angry over little annoyances.

18. He can’t stop smiling

When he’s around you, he’s always got a big goofy grin on his face. That’s because being around you makes him feel seriously happy!

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19. He says things like ‘we’ and ‘us’ when referring to you.

If he’s using the kinds of words you’d use to describe a couple, it’s probably because being a couple is what’s on his mind! He’s working you into his future plans, because in his mind, there’s no way you’re not a part of them.

20. He’ll make sacrifices for you

He’ll do anything to make sure you know how much you mean to him, including making sacrifices to make you feel better. If you find that he will drop plans with friends because you really need him, it’s probably because he really cares about you.

21. He mimics you

People subconsciously copy the body language of the people they care about, so you may catch him being a copy cat.

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22. He’s someone you can always call for help

If you need help with anything, any little thing at all, you know that this man will be there on the double. They’ll drop everything to help you in your time of need because they care about you so much! They’re in love and this is how they want to show it.

23. He’ll ignore his phone

Why would he need his phone when the only person he wants to speak to is right here?

24. He puts in the effort

He’ll put in effort to make you feel special every time he gets. Even if it’s just buying you a little present for the sake of it, because he knows it will make you smile.

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25. He tries to fit in

He’ll make a special effort to fit in with the people who mean the most to you, your friends, your family, even the people you work with. He just wants to make sure he gets along with the people who are special to you.

What do you think of these signs that someone you know could be secretly in love with you? Have you ever noticed any of these in someone who turned out to have feelings for you? How do you show someone you’re into how much you care?

There are some things that men just love in general about women and they sometimes just can’t hide it. We think we know all of the things that men love about women and as a woman it’s easy to feel pressure to conform to these supposed social ideals. But what if I told you that the perfect body and huge boobs aren’t what all men are looking for? Well we’ve found 20 men who are willing to tell us the unusual things about women that they just love, and they might just surprise you!

1. Wearing adorable socks. Who knew sock choice was so important?

“If a girl is showing off her legs and she’s wearing cute socks, socks with cool colors, socks with fluffy bits, short socks, long socks, frilly socks, or even just plain socks, I can’t help but find the girl super cute, and then super attractive!”

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2. Being passionate about things you love.

“It’s really interesting when a girl has a hobby. It’s interesting if she can talk about it or she takes pictures about it that aren’t really just pictures of her. It’s cool when she has a passion for something other than herself.”

3. A real belly laugh

“I love dumb laughs in girls. One girl I used to like would laugh like a donkey when she would laugh really hard, and it embarrassed her so she would try to cover her face, and it just made her laugh more. I saw her fake laugh plenty of times, so I loved that I was able to get this kind of laugh from her sometimes.”

4. Yawning

“For some weird reason when cute girls yawn it just makes me wish I was their boyfriend so I could cuddle and kiss them to sleep.”

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5. Having smaller boobs

“The social thing is for girls to have huge t*ts, but my girlfriend has smaller ones and I find them very very attractive. Obviously, I am biased, but I think it’s the fact that she doesn’t think they’re attractive which makes me like them even more.”

6. Self confidence

“To be honest… I usually notice, before anything else, that a woman is completely happy and satisfied with herself. The most attractive woman to me is a woman who does not NEED a partner, but wants someone to tag along on her adventures.”

7. A clean bathroom.

“A chick that takes care of her bathroom.”

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8. Funny women… Because who doesn’t love Tina Fey?

“When girls can talk sh*t back to me. I use sarcasm a good amount and someone who can give a quip back to me immediately has my interest.”

9. Your perfume

“How they smell. Nothing is more attractive than a woman with a classy but sexy signature scent.”

10. The things no other man would know about.

“I like those two little dimples above a girl’s butt.”

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11. Wearing glasses

“Wear glasses. I know ‘boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’, but damn… I think they look amazing.”

12. Painting your toenails

“Anytime I see them painting their toenails. It’s rare these days with most getting pedicures.”

13. The confidence to accept a compliment

“Was on a date last week, the first after coming out of a 6 year relationship. I gave her a compliment and she just accepted it, didn’t try to put herself down or anything. That was a bit alien to me and I loved it. Instantly thought so much better about her, confidence is sexy.”

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14. Brushing your hair behind your ears.

“When their hair gets in their face and they blow it away or brush it behind their ear.”

15. Dressing warmly

“Winter clothes. A lady pulling off a mitten with her teeth to use her phone or light a cigarette is the Minnesota version of a slow-motion beach walk.”

16. Birth marks

“Her subtle birthmark.”

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17. Using your phone

“I have been pushed over the edge into infatuation by her sitting checking her phone in the corner. I don’t quite understand it myself.”

18. Being too short to reach things

“Getting on their tippy toes to reach for something.”

19. Scratching

“It’s not something you seem them do often. I’ve only ever seen SO’s do it. It’s oddly hot. The everydayness of it is attractive”

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20. Carrying water bottles

“Carrying water bottles. Not a huge ones, regular ones. If a cute girl is carrying one I automatically fall in love for next ten minutes. Without the bottle, it’s five.”

What’s the weirdest thing you find attractive about the opposite sex? What do you think about what the men on our list love about women? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

If the man in question is displaying just one or two of the things on the following list, there’s a good chance he’s besotted with you. If he does all 12, well… that really is something else, and you could have a potential life partner on your hands.

If you’re desperate to know if the man in your life really does adore you, read on.

1. He makes sacrifices for your relationship

You know that a man is in love with you when he makes concerted efforts to put you first. This can be anything from ditching his plans to hang out with his buddies to support you in a time of need, or rearranging his work schedule to make more time for you.

If he’s willing to go to these lengths to hang out with you, consider yourself very lucky. It’s a sign that you have a keeper.

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2. He actually listens to you

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, as any counsellor will tell you. Good communication means that both parties feel respected, and that their feelings matter to the other person in the relationship.

Even if one partner is clearly in the wrong while you’re having a disagreement, and you secretly both know it, it’s possible to arrive at this conclusion in a peaceful and constructive manner.

It’s definitely preferable to yelling at each other and having one of you leave the house, slamming the door as you go. Cherish a guy that will talk things out with you, and most importantly, listen.

3. He gets jealous from time to time

Obviously, jealousy is never a good thing when it gets out of hand, and if you’re not careful it can lead to some very dark places.

However, a display of mild jealousy could be a sign that he fears losing you, and knows that you are still desirable to other people.

You probably feel the same way about him – this is good; this is healthy. The problems come when one partner starts underhandedly exploiting their partner’s jealousy to their own benefit. Don’t do that, and don’t let it be done to you.

4. He never thinks you’re not beautiful

In the early stages of dating, when you’re both dolled up to the nines, it’s a given that you will find each other attractive, physically speaking, I mean, you’re both looking your absolute best every time you see each other.

However, as the relationship goes on, and you become more comfortable with each other, standards can slip in this respect. This is fine, to a degree. As long as neither of you completely let yourself go, there’s no harm in dressing down around each other.

You’ll know that your guy is head over heels in love wit you when he finds you just as attractive in your sweats and hoody as he did in your $300 dress.

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5. He makes an effort with your friends and family

Image result for couple with friends

Whenever two people join together in a relationship, friends and family are a big issue, and can be a great positive or negative effect on the relationship.

Introducing your partner to your friends or family is a sign of commitment on both sides – you are sharing that part of your life with your new partner, which is a big step for anyone.

If your man is very keen to introduce you to his group of friends, or he is very concerned about making a good first impression upon yours, it’s a great. It means he cares about your relationship and its future prospects.

6. He’s not afraid to show his emotional side

It’s a stereotype of course, but it is still true that a lot of men do not feel comfortable with showing emotional vulnerability.

If any man gets emotionally intimate with you early on, without too much of a fight, it clearly means that you hold an extremely special place in his heart. Make the best of it!

7. You make him feel proud to be yours

Image result for happy couple

Whenever you accomplish anything, he feels a sense of pride as well. If you fall short, he will be there to pick up the pieces and give you the pep talk you need to get back where you want to be.

If you have a man like this, count your lucky stars. He obviously loves you to pieces.

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8. He doesn’t want to change anything about you

When a man is in love, you become the nearest thing to perfect in his life. Everything you do is simply heaven to him. He loves even your flaws, because the fact that they come up so rarely reminds him of all the good qualities that you have 99% of the time.

9. He misses you when you’re away

When a man really adores his partner, he can’t stand the thought of her going away for any length of time. This could show in a number of ways – he might call or Skype you a lot when you’re away, or he might not be able to bring himself to leave the departures gate until you’re fully out of sight. Either way, it shows that he cares deeply about you, and that when you’re missing, a part of him is missing too.

10. Your happiness is his highest priority

Image result for love up couple

When two people are in love, they share absolutely everything. There’s a reason it’s often described as ‘becoming one’ – everything is connected, especially emotions. If your partner is happy, you’re happy. If your partner is down in the dumps, so are you.

If your man is going out of his way to cheer you up, it means that you have reached a level of intimacy where your level of happiness is intwined with one another. You are his everything – cherish that.

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11. He doesn’t give up on you

Image result for i wont give up on you

He knows that all relationships have their low points, and that you will have low point on a personal level as well. He sees this all as a worthwhile struggle, because he loves you so much that he is determined to make the relationship work.

If this sounds like your man, consider yourself lucky – most would kill to have a partner who cared that much.

12. He is often physically affectionate with you

Not everyone’s affection is based in physical things like hugging and hair-stroking, but if your man does this on a regular basis, it’s a pretty clear sign that he loves you immensely, and he wants you to know that.

Whether it’s just a little kiss to perk up your day, or an hours-long cuddle to cheer you up when you’re feeling low, you should count yourself lucky if your man treats you like this. He loves you from your head to your feet.

So there you have it, 12 sure signs that your man is totally and utterly in love with you! And of course, these tips provide a useful guideline, but often you can simply trust your gut feeling. If he gives you butterflies, chances are that you’re onto a winner!

I hope this article has made you smile. And remember ladies – if your man does any of the above, he’s special, so hold on to him.