25+ Photos That Will Make Perfectionists Go Nuts

25+ Photos That Will Make Perfectionists Go Nuts

Are you the kind of person who loves it when everything lines up neatly and looks all pretty and perfect? Then this article is going to make you lose your mind! You could back out now and go back to your perfectly organised safe space, but where’s the fun in that? I’m challenging you to make it through to the end of all of these horribly imperfect pictures without going totally crazy. Think you can do it? Come on then, let’s go!

1. This is not how wheelchair access works!

So when people were building this monstrosity, did nobody stop to think that this was a terrible idea? No? Really?

2. Stop! Halt! Please? Please stop?

This wouldn’t even stop a toy car, never mind the real thing.

3. I really hope nobody ever tried to use this door

What is this door for? Where does it lead? Who thought this was a good idea? So many questions.

4. Not even tech support can help with this

Imagine getting yourself a new laptop and opening it up to find that. I’d probably vomit all over it and void the warrantee.

5. That’sss a very niccce head you have there…

There’s someone out there who bought this and is trying to pass it off as a collectors item, instead of the hideous mess it is.

6. I see all…

And it’s all white and doesn’t ever move.

7. Could these be the most pointless stairs ever made?

Someone went to a lot of effort to create this pointlessly stupid things.

8. Wait, I was wrong these are the most pointless stairs ever made.

My bad, people, my bad. But at least I’m not as bad as the monster who thought these were a good idea.

9. I don’t want to go to the park any more.

Which came first? The hideously out of place path or the hideously out of place gate?

10. Why and how did this happen?

I mean, call me a scaredy cat but this just seems terribly unsafe.

11. Doesn’t this kinda defeat the object?

Or is it a test to see if you’re fit enough to work out at this gym in the first place? You used the escalators? You’re not allowed in.

12. Do you want to start a fire? Because that’s how you start a fire.

This is basic stuff, people, how are we even getting this wrong?

13. I brought you back a gift!

Yeah, it’s definitely from Canada, why do you ask?

14. I was gonna get a snack but now I never want to eat ever again.

At least I’ll stick to my diet now, I guess.

15. Is this meant to be a ramp or a slide?

Because I don’t fancy my chances of being able to push a baby buggy up it.

16. Who lives in a house like this?

It’s Superman, and this is why it’s called his fortress of solitude. Because who could be friends with somebody who had that in their house?

17. Don’t cross the streams!

Now I’ve never been in a man’s bathroom but I’m pretty sure that that’s not right. At all.

18. Sorry kids, we’re not going on the slide today.

How wrong can a slide go? Well now you know.

19. Erm, guys? Do you think we should maybe not put this platform here? Guys?

Come on, people, this is just terrible!

20. I look out my window and what do I see? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Okay guys, very funny, now who left this window here? It’s getting beyond a joke now.

21. Oh look, a bench, I’ll just have a nice sit down and… oh.

I’m sure somebody could sit on this chair. I’m also sure that that person is a contortionist.

22. Was this designed for kids?!

Because seriously, if somebody’s giving their kids access to their own bank

23. At least they managed to fix it… kind of.

It’s bad enough being a Mom when you have to use the bathroom without your toddler being able to reach in through the hole in the door.

24. And she’s buying a stairway to heaven…

I’ve had enough of shopping now, I’m just going to walk into the ceiling until I hit my head and pass out.

25. Somebody really doesn’t like cyclists!

I hope you’re wearing your helmet because that’s gonna hurt!

26. How can I be comfortable when you give me this?!

You need to think very seriously about what you did here, Marriott.

27. Move it! Move it now!

The only thing that could make this worse is finding out that one of these was a peanut M&M while all the rest are chocolate.

So how uncomfortable do you feel right now, my perfectionist friends? Are you proud that you’ve made it through all 27 of these? Let us know which one of these really annoyed you in the comments! And don’t forget to share with your friends and family so we can see if they can make it through too?