25 People Who Broke The Rules In The Most Hilarious Ways Possible

25 People Who Broke The Rules In The Most Hilarious Ways Possible

Rules govern every aspect of our lives. From what we’re supposed to do, how we’re supposed to act and even what time we can do things, every single part of our day has rules about it.

Whether you think they’re there for a reason or they’re there to be broken, you probably can’t help but feel like rules are holding you back sometimes.

I mean, if I could just drive everywhere at 90 mph, I would never be late again! If there were no rules about how many sugar sachets I can take from the coffee shop, I’d… um… have a lot more sugar in my pockets!

Anyway some people in this world just don’t have minds like the rest of us. They see a set of rules and they think: Really? How can I get around these things?

Sure makes life a heck of a lot more interesting, as you’re about to find out!

1. This Whole Foods employee is sticking it to the man in the most gentle way possible

Somebody keep this person on a freakin’ leash. And give them a write up obviously.

2. This stapler was taken on tour!

Imagine being that stapler! It had never been outside the walls of the fourth floor, and thought that was its lot in life. But then this hero took it to see the sights of the world! What a guy or girl!

3. If you get this joke, then you can consider yourself one of the cool kids

Those must be some pretty big shoes to not fit through a 6 feet gap, that’s all I’ve got to say!

4. Easy there Homer Simpson!

Unless this is one of those smart whiteboard dealies that they have in classrooms these days. Because then that thing is screwed, and the IT guy will be very angry.

5. This duck has no regard for the rules of this zoo

How dare you not think of this duck as an animal! I’d like to think he’s staging a protest about his treatment. I’d gladly pay to get into a zoo that was nothing but ducks.

6. So… how was this photo taken?

Either through the power of the mind or by a go-getting rule breaker who doesn’t play by society’s… erm… rules. So probably the mind thing, right?

7. That’s just the kind of free thinking I like to see

This person might just have a future as a lawyer, getting away with technicalities like this!

8. An extra 10 points if you can name them all!

Bill Posters is innocent I tell you, when will that guy ever find justice?

9. You don’t have to be young to be a rebel

You can also be too old to give a cr*p, which is basically one and the same thing.

10. That’s a hard-hitting message I can get behind

Maybe next time go for a larger paper size, and a smaller font.

11. Hey now listen up you patriotic Skittles lover

The Boston Tea Party started over less. So how about you just quit it, hmm?

12. Give cyclists space, but if they step out of line, hit ’em with the light board

Don’t even light it up. Just leave in there for them to pedal into and let natural selection do the rest. Only the strongest and the most observant will survive!

13. Well I guess that’s disproved… your move, videogame!

You got me fighting wizards and elves in a land ruled by dragons, but my name can’t be Changed Later? This is an insult to the proud name of the house of Later and will not stand!

14. When you don’t want to mix up your coffee pots

There’s always some joker who makes everything as complicated as possible.

15. Gosh darn it, Hugh Jackman

Just when you thought you couldn’t love the guy any more he goes ahead and does something like this!

16. Well this guy clearly doesn’t have a single cr*p to give

The cat is just like, “what in the freakin’ heck are you doing, you giant weirdo?”

17. Don’t tell me where to stand, you’re just a lousy hole in a wall

If it was my job to paint these, I’d mess with people by putting them too far backward for anyone to be able to reach the ATM.

18. This bear knows where it’s at

When was the last time you saw a bear paying any attention to a sign anyway? It’s not like this thing will stop them!

19. Deadpool? Is that you?

Well I would be doing gymnastic displays on the subway poles as well… if it wasn’t for all those signs everywhere. That’s the only thing that’s stopping me. Really.

20. This guy dives wherever he wants

Seriously, he’s paddling around in a puddle outside right now.

21. Wow, now that’s quite a mind trip

Was this review helpful to me? Heck no it wasn’t!

22. That dog looks pretty pleased with itself

Imagine if your dog brought this back to you when you threw a stick for it! Well, it’s a kind of stick I guess…

23. Who knew that dogs were such complete and total rebels?

That dog has a very satisfied look on it’s face. I think it knows exactly what it is doing here.

24. This is what this dog thinks of this sign

Screw the rules!

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