25 Incredibly Clever Inventions That Will Change Your Life

25 Incredibly Clever Inventions That Will Change Your Life

For most of us, food packaging is nothing more than a necessary evil in order to keep our products safe.

It usually isn’t there to be admired or appreciated, and it often just ends up in the trash.

Some inventions are life-changing, and a work of genius. Things like the smartphone, the plane, and even the toilet!

It’s hard to think of where we’d be without these incredible inventions in our lives.

But it looks like that may not be the case for every package.

As people are embracing their creativity and applying it to their products to make them stand out more, more people are starting to become inventive went designing products.

It’s really fascinating to see!

We’ve put together a list of some pretty incredible product designs that will leave you speechless.

From a fridge made out of antibacterial blubber, to a knife specially created for Nutella (finally!).

These clever inventors have created brilliant creations with bold, and beautiful designs!

These designs are creative, bold, and will make you see beauty in your ordinary day to day products.

Seriously, some of these designs I would put up on my mantel!

You have to love clever and creative inventions that really do have the potential to change your life!

Thankfully for us, there are lots of clever pieces of tech and household items out there for us to use in our day to day lives!

Seriously, these inventions could make our every day just a little bit easier and less of a hassle too!

Who wouldn’t want that?

If you need some clever inventions in your home, then you may be interested in looking into these clever inventions!

1. Bye, Bye Numb Hands!

This mattress promises to stop your arms from getting numb while you sleep or even while you cuddle up with your other half!

2. Tug It

This Tug plug really does what it says on the label. It’s a plug you can tug!

3. Keep It Smart

Do you use your phone a lot for work? Then this clever keyboard for your smartphone could be just the thing you need!

4. No More Mess

This soap holder promises to keep itself mess free!

5. Jump Up

When I was a kid, I would have killed for this ground-mounted trampoline.

6. Nutella

This knife is specially designed to scrap up those last bits of Nutella in your jar.

Whoever designed this deserves a Nobel prize!


7. Bed Supports

This bed supports offer extra plugs for your electronic devices! How clever is that?

8. Weigh It

This cutting board actually measures what’s on it!

Now that’s a product I need in my home!

9. Shoe Nets

These shoe nets protect your shoes while you put them in the washing machine. They’ll be squeaky clean in no time at all!

10. Pocket Sized Lightbulb

For those moments where you really need an extra light!


11. Edge Painting Tool

How neat is this?!

12. Pot Strainer

These pans have a built-in strainer in the lid.


13. Toast It

This knife promises to toast your knife while you slice it!

Now that’s a hot idea!

14. Open Pillow

This pillow offers support for your neck while you watch TV on your side.

15. Shower Head

These shower heads are heat sensitive, with LED lights that show you the temperature of the water!

16. Doggy Purse

Carry your dog with you no matter where you go!

17. Waterproof Keyboard

This keyboard is waterproof and a touchscreen keyboard! That’s very high tech!

18. Flip Flop Dispensers

These flip-flops have built-in Coca-Cola dispensers!

19. Breakfast In Bed

End table with built-in breakfast table! Anyone fancy breakfast in bed?

20. Long Distance

These long-distance relationship pillows offer a little extra love on those cold winter nights.

Just don’t ask me how they work!

21. Gel Refrigerator

If I had one of these, I would spend hours fidgeting with the slime!

22. Scratchable Casts

These casts are odor-free and easy to scratch! They also promise to be cheaper than regular casts!

23. Dog Bath

This nifty invention will make washing the dog so much easier and less hassle! I wonder if they have one that’s husband sized?

24. Shot Chess

I’ll drink to this idea! Though I think I’d be too drunk to actually play chess after a while!

25. Nutella Lock

I don’t know about you but I always hate it when my Nutella is eaten (and not by me).

But thankfully this Nutella Jar lock offers a little extra protection, meaning your evil family members don’t steal your precious Nutella in the night!

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