25 Hilariously Honest Illustrations That Show What It’s Like To Be A Mom

Being a Mom is a wild ride! Gone are the carefree days when all you had to worry about was yourself, now you’ve got a little one to care for and every day is wackier than the last. This is something French illustrator, Nathalie Jomard knows all too well! She’s drawn these 25 hilarious illustrations that perfectly showcase exactly what Mom’s go through every single day.

1. You’ll never use the toilet alone again

Bathroom time used to be your time. Now it’s for you, your kids, your pets and whatever toys they’ve all decided to bring with them today.

2. Teaching them to eat solid food is never simple

You never thought you’d have to wash pureed pees out of your hair twice a day, but here we are.

3. There’s no such thing as a work life balance

Something’s gotta give, people!

4. All of those baby books seemed so smart until you actually had a baby

Now you realise that they have absolutely no answers and you’re gonna have to make it up as you go along.

5. You’re not as good at discipline as you thought you were gonna be

You had visions of perfectly behaved kids who would never need more than the occasional time out. You were wrong. So wrong.

6. You can no longer reach anything

Tying your shoes? HA! You can’t even see your feet until your nine months is up!

7. Being woken up at the crack of dawn every single day

No sweetie, it’s fine, Mommie didn’t want more than 4 hours sleep anyway.

8. Nothing you own fits, especially not your bra

Good look fitting your watermelons into what was built for a pair of tennis balls.

9. Your first time breastfeeding isn’t as magical as you thought it would be

Damn, for someone with no teeth, that baby sure can bite!

10. Oh great. You’ve flushed everything down the toilet. Thanks.

Not even a bowl of rice can resurrect my iPhone now.

11. Alone time isn’t a thing any more

Remember the times when you could just spend all night, just you and your partner, cuddling and talking until you drifted off into a peaceful sleep? Never gonna happen if your toddler has anything to say about it.

12. Your pain is the funniest thing in the world to them

One thing is certain in my house, if Mommy says ‘ouch’, it’s going to be followed by a chorus of giggles.

13. Your first time in a bikini with your post-baby body is an experience

It’s an experience I never want to have again, thanks!

14. You can read every book in the library but there’s no answer to that smell

It stinks. And just when you’ve gotten rid of the stink, your baby will make more stink. That’s just how the little poop-machines work!

15. You learn to work on little to no energy

You don’t even remember the last time you went into work feeling energetic.

16. You’re just trying to keep hold of whatever dignity you have left

Who am I kidding? I have no dignity any more.

17. Your kitchen will never be clean again

Months from now, you’ll still be finding spaghetti from that time your toddler tried to redecorate the kitchen with pasta.

18. Potty training is messy business

Good thing you’re not squeamish about poop any more, because it’s EVERYWHERE.

19. You have to pretend to love broccoli so your kid will too.

Even though you actually hate broccoli and you know that there’s no way this cheap trick will work.

20. Nobody prepared you for dealing with the death of a pet

All of a sudden you realise why your parents just tried to replace your hamster without you knowing about it.

21. Sun protection is serious business

There’s no UV rays getting to your baby, no way, no how!

22. You get really good at carrying everything

Your balancing act is so good that you could take it to the circus.

23. When you know they’re being naughty on purpose

Why else would he drop your iPhone into the fish tank while you were watching? He just wants to make you mad!

24. When the books run out of ideas and you have to get creative.

That’s one way to make sure he eats his peas!

25. Remember when you had a flat belly and reasonably sized boobs?

Kiss that memory goodbye!

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