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I, like a few other people around the world, have a deep respect for the elderly.

They’ve lived through war, political conflicts, and difficult times. They’ve also been given the gift of growing old, something many people don’t get.

Elderly people, grandparents, in particular, are also filled with stories and great pieces of advice about life.

Sometimes the only person you can go to for advice is your grandparents because you know they’ve probably been through something similar or the exact same thing.

But what you do learn from watching your grandparents or any elderly person, is that a lot of things are ageless.

Things like style, love, and most importantly, humor.

Life without humor is a poor thing, so I’m glad that it doesn’t vanish once you hit retirement age.

Don’t believe me?

Well, here are a few hilarious grandpas who are bound to warm up your heart and put a smile on your face with their hilarious texts!


You Only Live Once

If you ever need some words of wisdom, go to your grandpa, he’ll always tell you something inspiring!

What A Mistake

If you meant texting, why did it end up as sex tape?! I’m so confused!

Shut Up Shop

I doubt his grandson was expecting to read that! Hell, even I was taken aback!

Too Much To Handle

Don’t you just love it when people make hilarious autocorrect mistakes? I pretty much live for it!

Check Out My Hair Cut!

Let the world know that Beyonce is no match for this grandma!

A Pet Friendly Selfie

These two are just so adorable and photogenic!

What’s Up Hommies?!

Oh no! Who taught Grandpa to speak like a kid on the street?!

Gangnam Style Grandpa

I’d love to see this Grandpa dance to Gangnam Style at the next family reunion!

Bad Grandpa!

Maybe Grandpa is getting so old he’s forgetting who he’s related to?


That’s not what I had in mind when I said I wanted an iPad for Christmas!

Grandpa Selfies Are The Best

I don’t know about you but this Grandpa is certainly rocking it (whatever that may be) in this selfie…

A Special Announcement From Grandpa!

I wish my Grandpa reminded me! I always forget to do it!

Who Taught Him Text Speak?

You know it’s bad when your Grandpa is more text speak savvy than you!

Pardon Me?

Who knew Grandpa was once a hardcore party goer?

Are You Ok?

I really hope this Grandpa is ok…

Text Me Back

I never wanted or expected to get dating advice from a Grandpa, but he actually has a good point about smelling nice…

Laugh Out Loud

Don’t stop laughing otherwise you’ll hear him pooping!

I’ve Been Banned

No, you can’t ban Grandpa from singing! That’s so mean!

What’s Yolo?

I’ve never seen a hipster with a hip missing before.

Get Drunk With Me

Looks like this Grandpa has a shady past!

I’m Glad To Hear It!

That’s great news Grandpa! I’m glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking!

Grandpa Has Moves

I rock my chair back and forth! That’s very catchy!

They’re All Dead

Aww, that’s kinda sad!

Baby Cell

Well he’s got a point… They’re basically baby jail cells!

Gangster Grandpa

Surely there is something you can do other than getting some pregnant!

Which Grandpa text made you laugh the most?

Let me know in COMMENTS which one it was, as always I love hearing from you!

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