25 Hilarious Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

25 Hilarious Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

When it comes to designing something, it’s important to remember to look at all aspects of it.

Can it be taken in the wrong way? Will it translate well into a real product? Will anything disrupt or disturb it? Does it go against what we’re trying to say or sell? And most importantly, does it make sense?

To most people, these basic rules of design seem simple.

However, if you’re struggling to get your head around them, maybe a career in design isn’t for you!

From disabled access to a stairway,  to broken compasses and four legged ducks, these hilarious design fails show that designers are always just a tiny step away from messing up.

These pictures feature some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation mark and all those other little details.

While these designers may not have bad intentions, their creations turned out to be better at amusing people rather than doing what they were supposed to do.


Down Or Down?

This is so confusing! Can you imagine trying to navigate this life when your drunk? I think I’d be stuck in there for ages!

Take Two

I didn’t think he looked like a Teresa…

Is It Really?

I’m not an expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what a tarantula looks like!

Samsung iPhone

Wait, is that really a Samsung product? I don’t think so!

Super Batman

Do they even know who Batman is or looks like?

Limbo Practise

What is the point of those steps? This is more frustrating than I originally thought…

That’s Not Right…

The last time I checked, that’s not how you spelt Windows…

Who Would Do This?!

Whoever did this is evil! This looks terrifying and it’s making my skin crawl!

An Odd Fit

I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a very drafty window!

That’s Not Asia

The last time I checked, that’s not what Asia looks like!

Upside Down

I seriously hope he didn’t have coffee in that mug.

I Can’t Open It

How am I suppose to open this drawer? That’s crazy!

Chocolate Cone

That looks both tasty and messy!

Open Doors

How is anyone suppose to shut this door?

A Far Reach

That’s going to be a long reach for the toilet roll… I’d hate to use this toilet after a trip to Taco Bell!

Half And Half

That doesn’t look right…

Two Rolls

This looks totally bizarre! I bet they got fired!

Open Wide

How am I suppose to use this again?


This will definitely get people to stop because they’ll be trying to figure out what it says…

Upside Down

How am I suppose to use this hook?!

Melted Twix Bar

Even though it’s melted, it still looks yummy!

Bug Eyes

What a special little teddy!

Logo Melt Down

That’s just funny! But still, someone must have got in trouble for this!

A Not So Helping Hand

How am I suppose to hold this now?

Take A Seat

It doesn’t look like there’s an awful lot of leg room on this bench.

Which fail made you laugh the most?

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