25 Hilarious Facebook Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

25 Hilarious Facebook Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

I don’t know about you but I’m having a pretty terrible day.

First I accidentally slept through my alarm, then I burnt my toast, and then I got stuck in traffic!

I still haven’t recovered from it!

But thankfully, I have the perfect remedy for any terrible day. Laughter.

Laughter is good for us after all!

Not only goes it makes us feel better, it actually helps combat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

It can even help you lose weight.

According to recent studies, just fifteen minutes of laughter can burn fifty calories. That’s pretty amazing, right?!

Laughing is a great way to pass the time and it’ll make your last day of work before the weekend goes just a little bit quicker!

So sit back, relax and get ready, because we’re about to tickle your funny bone!

Just try and make it not obvious that you’re procrastinating from work.

I don’t want to get you in trouble!

Facebook is a weird and wonderful place that is filled with weird and wacky people who say some pretty strange things while online.

Sometimes we find what they say funny, while other times we’re completely baffled and confused about why they even said that in the first place.

But it just goes to show you that the internet and Facebook serve as a very versatile form of entertainment.

Whether it’s hilarious viral videos, funny pictures of dogs dressed as old women, or people pranking each other, there’s no shortage of entertainment when it comes to Facebook!

Whenever someone posts something weird on Facebook, you can’t help but question their motives behind it.

Is it to get attention? Is it because they think they’re funny? Or is it because they’re just stupid? Or is it all three?

Who knows? I know I certainly don’t!

All I can safely say is that I’m very glad that they decided to share their strange but hilarious thoughts on Facebook because it gave me something to laugh at!

These Facebook fails are just too funny!

We hope you feel the same after you’ve read through these hilarious and brilliant Facebook posts!

Take a look for yourself!

1. Was It Worth It?

When you take into account the medical expenses he’s about to incur, he’s going to regret that bet!

2. Lion Meat

Maybe they should use their money to do something useful, like buy a pair of glasses or learn how to read!

3. I’m Single

Why would you forget to mention something like that?!

4. Happy Birthday

Should we tell her? I’d hate to break her heart!

5. Call Me Dad

Remember, never be afraid to use a comma. They stop you from looking like an idiot!

6. Taxi!

Should we tell him that’s the definition of a taxi service?

7. American Parrot

Well, this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen!

8. Oh Jesus

Naming your child after the son of God may not have been the best idea!

9. An Act Of Nature

It’s crazy how you think Nature did that!

10. When’s 4th Of July?

Seriously, is she being serious?!

11. Oh The Irony

Wow, she’s so annoying! She even annoys herself!

12. Credit Card Slot

Some people shouldn’t be trusted to shop online!

13. Bye!

Ouch, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions!

14. A Time Before Google Maps

I can’t believe how stupid some people can be!

15. Help, I’m Lazy!

She never said that her generation were any different!

16. Haters Are Going To Hate

Those kids are too young to have haters!

17. Money!

She’s flashing her kid’s cash… So trashy!

18. It’s Only A Movie

It may be a film, but it’s based on a true story!

19. Dumbevator

How dumb do you have to be to think you don’t need a button for the floor your on?

20. A Big Star

Maybe he should stay in school a little longer, otherwise, he’ll carry on thinking stupid stuff like this!

21. Motivation Alert

Wow, I’m inspired… Inspired to work on my photoshopping skills!

22. Good Boy

Aww, someone’s just made their mom very proud!

23. Back Off Ladies

Don’t worry honey, you can have him! By the way, I’m sure he loved this… Not!

24. High Tech

Wow, that must be high tech stuff!

25. Poop Face

Why would you even post that online?!

Seriously, some people really don’t have common sense!

I guess i goes to show you that stupid is what stupid does!

I hope everyone takes note and learns not to post stupid things on Facebook!

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