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I don’t know about the rest of you but I know I have a sweet tooth.

I may not have a sweet tooth when it comes to things like chocolate, brownies, sweets, or even a tub of ice cream. I only have a sweet tooth for cake.

love cake.

If it was possible, I’d marry cake and I’d live happily ever after with my cake husband until, you know, I ate him.

Cakes truly are beautiful things, they’re the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, and they’re also the best way to start your day and your afternoon.

If I was in charge of the world, cake would be free for everyone, because no one should go without it.

But in all honesty, not all cakes are amazing.

There are some cakes which look like a heard of elephants have stamped on it, and then it’s been crumpled back together.

Seeing an ugly cake is always a distressing thing to see.

But for every ugly cake there is in the world, there is a beautiful cake waiting to be eaten. These cakes are just too good to eat, but we know we won’t be able to help ourselves!

But a new trend has recently emerged, especially on the run up to Halloween, where people are trying to make some very realistic and gruesome cakes that look repulsive, but also rather yummy!

I don’t know why the bakers behind these cakes decided to make something so gruesome and gory, but they really do look good enough to eat!

Prepare yourself for a gruesome sight. Remember, don’t get too squeamish, it’s only cake!

Heads Off To You!

Wait, this is a wedding cake? I bet that was a very bloody and interesting wedding!

Worst Pies In London

That looks like a terrible pie, but that’s one yummy looking cake!

Off With His Head

I’m not sure this bride and groom are going to live happily ever after!

Just A Bite…

I don’t know if you’ll be able to take a bite out of this cupcake… It looks like it’s going to take a bite out of you instead!

Ticked Off

That doesn’t look very appetising… I hope that’s jam and not actual tick blood.

Find The Toe Nail

I’d rather not find it… I think I’ll pass on the cake, thanks though!

Blood Splattered

Looks like whoever tried to cut the cake had a bit of a nasty accident…

Roast Swan

I think I’ve suddenly become a vegetarian…

Carrie Themed Cake

I’m not going to laugh at that cake, it might try to kill me if I do!

Lice Free

I’d hate to be made this cake. How embarrassing would that be?!

Baby Cake

When you said you’d made a baby cake, I was only expecting a small cake, not an actually cake baby!

Foot Loose…

Has anyone lost a foot?!

Headless Cake

Let’s just hope it’s not brain flavored…

What Is That?

I’m no even going to guess what that is trying to be!


Is it bad that I think this cake looks delicious?


Are you going to eat it or is it going to eat you? I’m so confused!

Gross and Goey!

I think I’ll ass on this cake…

No Thank You

I’ll happily pass on this cake……

Cat Litter

Ok, this is so realistic! It’s very impressive!

A Little Messy

Is it just me or is this cake a tiny bit messy?

Zombie Cake

It looks like this cake is going to take a big bite out of you!

Road Kill Cake

This doesn’t look very yummy!

Boiled Head, Anyone?

I promise it’s only cake!

Headless Pigeon

Ok, this is actually very impressive!

Which cake was your favorite?

Let me know in the COMMENTS!

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