25 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Caught On Camera

25 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Caught On Camera

Hasn’t life just gotten so much tougher since the invention of cellphones with cameras in them? Now whatever embarrassing thing you get caught doing, there’s always somebody there to take photo evidence.

Back when most of us were young, you had embarrassing stories, sure. But now there is embarrassment with photo evidence!

Sometimes stories are too far-fetched to be believed, but you can’t deny evidence of a picture right in front of you!

Just ask these folks, who found themselves in weirdly awkward situations, sometimes through no fault of their own, and there was some joker on hand to record it forever!

But it does mean we get to laugh about it together now!

1. What do you do when you run out of sunblock?

It’s called improvising people, get with the times!

2. We’ve been sat next to somebody on a flight we wish has been given a different seat

But spare a thought for this poor guy, he’s really drawn the shortest straw in history.

3. Now that is one perfectly timed photo

I don’t know how this happened exactly, but we’re just moments from impact!

4. I’m more impressed about this than mad, or anything else

She’s really got some strength in those teeth to pull a nipple that far. It should be an olympic sport or something!

5. Don’t you hate it when you get stuck at the back of a huge line in a store?

And the freakin’ thing just NEVER seems to be moving! I always seem to chose the slowest line too, what a freakin’ dummy.

6. That awkward moment when a creepy guy comes on WAY too strong

And you wonder whether you can manage the situation with a face slap, or you’re gonna have to go full nuclear with a kick to the groin. I’d go with crotch shot, personally.

7. I’ve heard of getting your hands caught in the cookie jar…

But the mustard jar? No wonder this guy looks so dang horrified!

8. Remember that old insult, did you get dressed in the dark?

Well it turns out this girl must have done just that! Either that or she thought this was a design feature!

9. Bad Santa got caught in this embarrassing moment

I guess he’ll have to put himself on the naughty list this year.

10. That awkward moment when you run out of hair accessories and you have to improvise

Has this lady been taking tips off of tomato leg girl? Because I don’t know who else would think of this as a good idea!

11. Haters will say it’s stuck on with glue…

Is the circus in town today? Because that is one impressive bearded lady! I know guys who couldn’t grow face furniture like that to save their lives!

12. It’s always an awkward moment when people think you’re pregnant, but you’re not

Nope, just a food baby that I’m carrying here, no need to stock up on diapers just yet!

13. I’m not sure who wins in this match…

But I definitely think it’s Mr. Blue who loses!

14. Ever been the third wheel on a date? How about like this?

That’s the face of a man who is NOT having the kind of night he anticipated.

15. I know the library can get boring sometimes, but this is ridiculous

Hope he didn’t sleep through his deadline, he looks pretty stuck in there!

16. Just casually mending his air conditioning 10 stories up in the air

Either that or he had to make a quick escape from a bedroom, if you catch my drift.

17. When that photoshoot didn’t turn out exactly like you planned

We can all see that you’re taking a selfie lady, there’s a mirror right there for goodness’ sakes!

18. Well this can only be the face of a well-adjusted person

And she’s in a bath tub full of milk and breakfast cereal. Of course! Well why not, that’s what I say!

19. This lady is having serious issues with her fake tan

If it’s really that hot and sunny where you live, why do you need fake tan in the first place?

20. This guy has gotten pretty confused about who he’s kissing

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s two-faced people.

21. You do know those things are designed for kids… wait, what am I saying, she definitely knows now

Looks like half of the town has arrived to help set her free. I don’t think be trying out swings in the kids’ playpark again in a hurry!

22. Now I’m not telling anyone how they should dress, but PLEASE!

If you can FEEL that your dress is too short, then you know you messed up when you bought it!

23. At least she didn’t go in for the handshake, dude

That dude should count himself lucky!

24. You know when you’re so drunk it feels like you’ll fall off the world if you move?

Well this guy certainly does, and people have been taking advantage of it!

25. You know when you’re so drunk…

You… erm… let your buddies tape you to the ceiling? Yeah, me neither.