25 Design Fails That’ll Will Make Perfectionist Cringe!

25 Design Fails That’ll Will Make Perfectionist Cringe!

When it comes to designing something, it’s important to remember to look at all aspects of it.

Can it be taken in the wrong way? Will it translate well into a real product? Will anything disrupt or disturb it? Does it go against what we’re trying to say or sell? And most importantly, does it make sense?

To most people, these basic rules of design seem simple.

However, if you’re struggling to get your head around them, maybe a career in design isn’t for you!

From two male lions on Noah’s Ark to a pregnancy test for heavily pregnant women, these hilarious design fails show that designers are always just a tiny step away from messing up.

These pictures feature some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation mark and all those other little details.

While these designers may not have bad intentions, their creations turned out to be better at amusing people rather than doing what they were supposed to do.

These design fails could also help reveal if you have OCD or if your a perfectionist.

If OCD is something your concerned about having, it’s best that you go see your doctor or therapist as soon as you can to speak further on the issue.

But in the mean while, just try not to cringe too hard at these hilarious design fails!


A Dark Hole

While I’m curious about what’s down that hole, I don’t think I’d go down that slide to try and find out!

Stairs To Nowhere 

Where do those stairs go? No one knows!

Upside Down Creeper

You could say that creeper is looking very… Creepy!

Fish Tank

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the best place to store your LIVE fish!


I’m not expert, but that doesn’t look very safe!

Disabled Access

Wait, how are people in wheelchairs suppose to access the ramp? That’s crazy!

Bricked Up Window

Maybe the person who lives in there is very allergic to sunlight?

Low Cash Point

I’d hate to try and take money out of this ATM!

Post In The Road

That’s a nasty accident waiting to happen!

What’s The Point?

Seriously, what was the point of these steps and that ramp? I’m so confused!

What A Great View!

Such a lovely view, I’m sure everyone loves watching CCTV footage of the back of the TV!

Made In The US

Oh the irony!

A Long Way Down

That’s a lovely door, but do you know what would improve it? Stairs!

Broken Rail

How is this suppose to work? I’m so confused!

Take A Seat

Try and take on this, I dare you!

A Steep Ramp

This is like a DIY roller-coaster! I’d love to go down there!

That’s Just Lazy!

Because escalators were really needed here!

Uncomfortable Closeness

I’d hate to try and use those urinals!

So Effective!

Honestly, what is the point of that? It does nothing!

A Genius Idea!

Whoever designed this needs a hard pat on the head!

A Quick Fix

What a weird solution! I’m not sure I’d try this at home…

Off The Beaten Track

Nice try but no dice!

Upside Down

I’m pretty sure this keyboard is upside down!

Just Jump!

Can you imagine trying to get into this apartment when you’ve had too much wine?

Where Are They Going?

Where are these stairs going? I’m so confused!

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