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We all have or had an idea in our head about what marriage is or will be like.

But just like a lot of other things, what we often imagine is a lot different compared to reality.

Most people imagine marriage to be smooth sailing, no arguments, just happily ever after.

But sadly, this isn’t a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie.

They’ll be arguments, hardship, and rough patches. But if you’re with the right person then those rough periods in your life won’t feel so bad.

Instead of doing the same mundane things you once did all by yourself every day, you have a partner doing their own same mundane things with you.

Whenever I think about marriage, I think about the reality of it. The highs, the lows, and the goofy fun side.

It’s the side of marriage most people neglect to think about, but it’s one of the most important parts of a marriage.

If anything, it’s the part of it that makes it worthwhile.

It makes the constant bickering, roasting each other, and those low points seem much better, and it helps put everything into perspective.

I’m not suggesting marriage is all hardship and strife. If you’re with the right person for you then it will feel like a dream.

Marriage takes a lot of work but when two people are perfect for each other, it doesn’t feel like hard work.

I’ve gathered together some hilarious photos from some very hilarious wives.

It’ll make you laugh, and cry with laughter. Enjoy!

Try Not To Laugh

‘I was wondering why my wife was laughing when I was checking the air vents.’

A Posh Poo

I’m not even going to ask why she did that…

The Fridge Has Eyes

‘My wife got bored and put eyes on everything in the fridge…’

Please Honk My Husband

I’m so glad I’m not married to her. I’d be confused all of the time!

Let’s Play A Game

This is evil! But I love it!

Don’t Leave

‘My wife went away for a month… She left me with this on her pillow.’

That’s Freaky

Because no loving home is complete without a skellington watching weird stuff.


‘Pro Tip: Never call your wide a sandwich maker.


‘I told my wife I was constipated. So she put Halloween decorations in the bathroom… I sh** myself, so it kind of works!’

Work Place Fun

‘My wife takes her job as a lawyer very seriously.’

Thanks Honey

What a lovely Valentines Day cake!


Should I even ask what she bought?

Not Another Pun

‘My wife told me there was a leek in the bathroom.’

I’m A Little Hungry

‘My wife made me a small stack of pancakes when I told her I wasn’t too hungry.’

In Half

…She did what?

Cut Out

‘My wife tried to DIY my jeans. It didn’t work very well!’

Just A Bite

‘She’s dieting and I stupidly brought home doughnuts.’


What a perfect sign to put in the bathroom!

Plastic Bags

‘My wife likes to plan my lunch notes in advance.’


I bet her husband was surprised by this!

So Romantic

‘My husband asked me to make our bedroom “sexy” so I did!’

Odd Socks

‘Why my wife is mad at me she mismatches my socks!’

My Lunch

I bet her husband loves his new lunch bag!

Diaper Baby

‘She made a man out of my old clothes and diapers… I don’t know why!’

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