24 Embarrassing Things That Every Single Woman Has Done

24 Embarrassing Things That Every Single Woman Has Done

13. Shaving your legs and then rubbing them all over your freshly washed bedsheets. 

Smooth legs against smooth, clean bedsheets? Sign us up. We are here for that. It feels amazing.

14. Resisting the urge to grab your boobs while you use the stairs

We should have sports bras just for this. Seriously, it hurts!

15. Doing all kinds of weird stuff in front of the mirror

If it can be done in front of the mirror, we’ve done it. Twerking, singing, checking out our lady parts, thrusting our boobs out to see how awesome they look, doing some stripper dancing that reaffirms that you could never make money from it, we’ve done it all.

16. Sitting and pulling off every little bit of mascara with our fingers instead of removing it properly.

I know, I know, my eyes will be sore and hate me for every second of this, but something about it is just so satisfying! I can’t help it, I’m sorry, I would repent but I honestly don’t care.

17. Being late to things we had DECADES to get ready for because we were so bothered about not being ready early.

We try to manage our time well, but we fail. Every. Single. Time.

18. Your arms getting tired because you’ve spent so much time on your hair and make up

Looking this good is a harder work out than any gym day.

19. Putting two sheets of toilet paper down so we can poop in public toilets

Well, it’s either that or flushing but we’ve got to muffle the sound somehow!

20. Starting every diet ever but never today.

You can’t start your diet today, you have to start it tomorrow. Or on Monday. Or the Monday after. Or next month. Or next year. Or next decade. You know, sometime soon.

21. Hiding your underwear under your clothes when you go to see your doctor.

It’s uncomfortable enough when you’re going through a gynaecologists exam without the doctor being able to see that you were wearing your granny panties today. Let’s just hide those under our jeans and they’ll never know that our pants are anything less than perfect.

22. Sticking out your stomach to find out what you’d look like pregnant

Pregnant me would look super cute and glowy, honest!

23. Kegels all the time.

Do you think we’re ever not doing kegels? We’re going kegels right now. Yes, right now. Always.

24. Going to the toilet to replace a tampon and finding it completely dry.

Why? Just why? I could have not worn that today. Why?

There we have it folks, 24 of the grossest, most embarrassing things that every single woman in the world has done, but probably won’t admit to in public! What do you think of our list? Would you freely admit to doing any of these gross things? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!


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