23 Of The Worst Things Passengers Have Been Caught Doing On A Plane

23 Of The Worst Things Passengers Have Been Caught Doing On A Plane

Most of us have been on a airplane.

It’s a magical thing. Your literally flying from one end of the country to another and beyond. It’s amazing!

I don’t know about you buy flying is my preferred method of travel!

If I could fly to the supermarket or work, I would! Can you blame me?

But just like any form of travel, flying does attract some very crazy people who do some very strange things while on board airplanes.

If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’ve most likely encountered these passengers.

Seat-kickers, messy eaters and screaming babies are all common occurrences – unfortunately they’re just the tip of the mile-high iceberg.

Horrible airplane passengers are a common sight on most of your flights, and it’s become a very popular subject of conversation.

There’s even a Instagram account which is dedicated to shaming bad plane passengers called ‘Passenger Shaming‘.

Some of the stuff spotted is truly disgusting and shocking!Β 

Take a look at some of the worst stuff ever spotted on a airplane!

That’s Not Water

Excuse me Sir, I think you’ve forgotten your bottle of wee!

Rotten Old Teeth

Wait, how can you leave your teeth behind? Surely you’d notice?!

A Massive Toy

I’m glad I wasn’t on that flight! I wonder if it needed it’s own ticket?

It’s Still Soggy

But what does it say? Are we pregnant?!


I know I’m not an expert, but that’s not safe!

Hairs All Over

It’s ok, I didn’t want to see the TV screen anyway…

Too Far Back

I really hate how rude some people get on planes…

It’s Turkey Time

This turkey is trying to escape Thanksgiving!

Pull Them Up!

For goodness sake, pull your pants up! We don’t need to see that. EVER!

A Dirty Hello

Back off, we don’t need your stinky feet here!

No Touching…

Don’t you just hate it when your fellow passengers think they can get all up close and personal with you…

Not There

Why don’t you put it on your lap? That’s kind of rude!

Over Friendly

I love it when random men fall asleep on me during long flights… Not!

Smelly Β Feet

Poor kid! I’d hate to be her right now!

Out In The Open

Well, that’s the wrong place for a pair of pants!

Smelly Shoes

I certainly hope he provided masks for everyone on the flight! Those must be really smelly shoes!

Spread Yourself

Ok, I understand why men do this, but I certainly hope he didn’t do this during the whole flight!

Get It Quick!

Everyone evacuate the plane! There’s a spider!

Too Many Beers

It looks like he’s going to be quiet for a while… Let’s hope there’s enough sick bags at the ready though.

Hair All Over The Place

Good luck trying to watch the in flight film now!

Polly Want Some Free Nuts?

I bet she’s just there for the free nuts!

Toes In The Hole

People, please stop doing this! It’s really not needed!

Kids Will Be Kids

Well, it looks like the air plane company should rethink their idea of in flight entertainment!

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