23 Women Proving That The Perfect Body Does Not Exist

23 Women Proving That The Perfect Body Does Not Exist

13. She looks like she’d be fun to hang out with, she’s happy with herself and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Find you someone who can laugh about their figure and mock Instagram perfection all at once, that’s who you want to be friends with!

14. Even underwear models aren’t afraid to show that perfection isn’t realistic.

Can we just start loving our rolls now, ladies? There’s nothing wrong with them and everyone has them! Let’s show them some love!

15. This picture is great and all but where can I get me some of those leggings?

Seriously, I need them!

16. Another amazing transformation that isn’t just about the body.

That face is what I look like when someone asks me if I have room for dessert. Don’t try me, Karen, of course I’ve got room!

17. The poses strike again, want to look perfect? Just strike a pose!

Or, you know, just do whatever you want to do instead!

18. Sucking it all in works wonders!

She is the queen of breathing in and holding it in!

19. Another person who’s just pulling their pants up!

Looks like we’ve found the Instagram model’s biggest secret, high pants!

20. Well of course you’re going to look thinner if you stand with your arms over your head all day!

She looks so happy in the second photo and it’s because she’s been allowed to put her arms back down.

21. Sitting down vs standing up

See ladies? It’s all about the pose! Smoke and mirrors everywhere!

22. Where was she hiding her body?

Behind her hand, of course! Clever!

23. So the moral of the story is, don’t put your legs on the floor!

Maybe the floor is the number one cause of cellulite, who knew?

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