23 Women Proving That The Perfect Body Does Not Exist

23 Women Proving That The Perfect Body Does Not Exist

Hands up who’s struggled through diet and exercise to get a body like you see in the magazines only to give up because you feel like it’s only possible for super humans? Yep, me too! Well, what if I told you that it’s not just impossible for regular people, it’s actually impossible for EVERYONE to look that perfect all the time! What you see in the magazines is just an airbrushed, posed daydream and we’re here to prove it.

1. Does this woman have the perfect butt or is she just suffering through the worst wedgie of her life?

So all I have to do to get a Kardashian butt is pull my underwear up higher than Simon Cowell’s jeans? I’ll just stick with my average butt, thanks!

2. Okay, you can breathe out now!

She looks more naturally happy in the second photo, probably because she’s not been holding her breath waiting for the camera to take a snap!

3. Where did my abs go? They were here a second ago?

Well, she was lifting her bra up in the first photograph, maybe her abs were hiding under her boobs all along? Time to get our detective hats on and find those abs!

4. It’s all in the pose and the smile, that’s all you need to make a good ‘after’ photo.

Seriously, you could probably take a picture in a good pose with a big smile right now and people will be complimenting you on your body gains for months.

5. Another woman proving that it’s all in the pose and the confident expression.

Although I love the face she’s pulling in the second picture, it’s how I feel when I turn up to work every morning.

6. Just because you don’t see any marks, doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

A good camera angle can hide cellulite and make you believe it was never there in the first place.

7. Yes, the pose in the first shot is great, but how much happier does she look in the second photo?

Yes, her body may not looks as ‘perfect’ but she looks a whole lot happier about life in general when she laughs like that!

8. Everyone’s thighs spread out when you’re say down, it’s a fact, get used to it.

I love how sneaky that first photo is too, just goes to show how easy it is to fake perfection!

9. All you need for an outstanding booty is a good pose!

Lifting one leg up and popping the hip will give you an enviable booty in just seconds. However, real people can’t stay like that so how about just loving your booty for what it is instead?

10. I love how many of these ‘perfect’ photos involve pulling your pants up high enough to suffocate you!

This trick may hide your stomach, but I wouldn’t remain staying like that for long, uncomfortable isn’t the word! You can tell she definitely feel better in picture two!

11. This woman just proves that it doesn’t matter what your abs look like, everyone gets rolls when they sit down.

The only way to combat the rolls is to sit like a perfectly posed doll all the time and ain’t nobody got time for that!

12. Stand up straight, suck in your belly, stick out your boobs and you won’t even need Photoshop!

Got to say I like picture two better though, she looks so much more comfortable in herself.


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