23 Hilarious And Weird Mugshots That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

23 Hilarious And Weird Mugshots That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

A mugshot is not something many of us would want to have taken of us.

Let’s be honest about that. However, we should also be honest about the fact that if we did have one taken we want to look reasonably alright.

I’m not suggesting you try and get your makeup done before having it taken, but that you should try and look like a reasonable person.

The main way this can be done is through your hair. Try not to have crazy hair like these potential prison inmates.

Recently a gallery of mugshots have been revealed online and they’ve all got one thing in common. They all have crazy and hilarious hair!

From some very bizarre haircuts to someone with just half a beard, this bunch certainly know how to stand out in any lineup.

Here are some of the best of some very best bad mug shots.

Moustache Fringe

Why would you have your fringe like this? It’s not a great look!

I Regret Everything

I bet he’s regretting his crime now he’s being caught!

Oh No

Did he try to use a shaprie to make a mask, because that’s what it looks like!

Pepper Spray

That looks like a nasty case of pepper spray in the eye!

What A Joke!

Hmm… I wonder if he loves the Joker?

Grumpy Face

She doesn’t look happy about being caught by the police!

Big Eyes

What big eyes you have! I wonder what spooked you!

F*** You Too

That’s crazy, why would you write that on your face?

Weird Hairdo!

That’s a super wacky haircut you got there!

Wait, What?

I wonder what he’s looking at?

Vegan Criminal

Wow, this guy is seriously one hard core vegan…

Famous Mugshot

I wonder if he signed his original mugshot. That would have been worth quite a bit!

Shave It Off

You might as well have shaved off all your hair! What were you trying to achieve here?

God Loves You

God may love you but he might not love the crime you committed.

Those Teeth

… What a very interesting look you have going on there!

Red Highlights

It looks like someone was caught red handed… Probably from the red highlights.

Don’t Cry Please

Look, crying isn’t going to change anything. You made the decision  to do something illegal and this is the consequence of it!

Say Cheese!

Ok, this photo is actually rather menacing…

Cat Scratches

I wonder what he did to anger that cat… Actually, I don’t want to know!

A Little Devil

Well, it’s safe to say that this guy really is a cheeky little devil!

Red Face

I bet he was easy to find, just look for the man with the sunburnt face! You really can’t miss him!

It’s Also Yours

This was a poor choice of T-shirt, especially when your getting your mugshot taken!

Crazy Eyes

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that this mugshot is absolutely crazy!

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