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It’s well known that being a parent is hard work.

It’s a non stop job and your constantly working to look after your children.

It’s a lot of hard work!

When your children are young, you have to work constantly around the clock to make sure they’re happy, healthy, and their diaper aren’t soggy.

As your children get older and they learn to do things by themselves, things lighten up a little. While your kids starting school is an emotional thing, it’s great because it allows you to have a couple of hours to do whatever it is you need to do. You have a bit of a break.

But parenting goes a lot smoother when you approach it with a sense of humor.

It’s a great way to feel better while your parenting, but it’s also a genius way of embarrassing your children every so often.

Let’s be honest, it’s every parents job to embarrass their kids once in a while.

What makes it funnier are the children’s reactions. Parents aren’t meant to be funny after all, so they don’t know how to react!

It’s honestly hilarious to see kids be taken aback by their parent’s humor.

Don’t believe me? Then why don’t you take a look for yourself.

In A Meeting

Hmm… I wonder why they think he’s in a meeting.

Always Remember To Delete…

When handing down your old phone, always remember to delete any naughty pictures.

Out Of The Closet

It looks like this mom has a sense of humor too!

I’m Sorry

Isn’t autocorrect just the worst? It makes those texts to your family so much more awkward.

I Dislike You All

Aww, I think that’s the sweetest thing he’s ever said to you!

Taco Time

Wow, he really is the best dad ever!

Dad Jokes

Dad jokes, they never get old, and they never become funny.

Sure Please

This is why you can never tell your father anything. They always take it too seriously!

Laughing Out Loud

Yep, that’s definitely a terrible joke!

No More Dad Jokes

I wonder if we’ll ever get round to telling terrible dad jokes.

Your Face 

Well, I guess I love you too dad! I’m just going to go and cry in the corner now.

Time To Move

I don’t think anyone needed to know that!

Wrong Number

At least he’s being honest about you guys being idiots.

A Dragon Please

Because we all know dragons are something realistic and easy to ask for compared to a girlfriend!

Wait A Moment…

Wait, is this why you decided to call him Luke? Just so you could make that joke?!

He’s Not Mad Anymore

In comparison, that’s great news!

Dad’s Dead

Oh no! Well… At least you don’t have to deal with your dad’s jokes anymore!

Donuts Please

At least you got his attention, but now you need to do a mad dash to get donuts…

Bad Practises 

And don’t tell him how to do his job either!

Hell No

If you had friends he would have probably said yes!

Where Are You?

Aww, your dad must really love you!

Money, Please!

Seriously thought, nice try! Sorry it didn’t work!

Pick Me Up?

Hell, even I’m proud of that! Way to go kid!

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