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I think we can all agree that barcodes are freakin’ boring as heck.

They’re a bunch of black lines on the back of every single thing you buy. The person at the checkout at the grocery store checkout scans it. The thing makes that ‘boop’ sound. You get charged.

Simple, right? Well, not always!

For example, did you know that it’s the white parts and not the black bars that make the checkout go ‘boop’?

Some people take it a heck of a lot further, and even make the barcodes on their products into something amazingly creative! Just take a look at some of these striking examples!

1. A bluegrass band called Black Prairie had this accordion barcode on the back of their album cover

I guess that’s one way of making sure that the artwork ties in with the music well!

2. This lady is wearing some super funky sunglasses, thanks to the barcode!

It’s kinda weird, but it’s on the back of a perfume bottle packaging, so I like it!

3. For some reason there’s a man carrying plates that makes up this barcode

Turns out that the designers make all kinds of crazy things out of the barcodes on stuff that you never even noticed! I guess they just have fun with it, because really who’s looking at the barcode?

4. But for the people who do look at it, you can see fun designs like this!

Just look down next time you’re buying your… um… organic wheatgrass. I can’t get enough of the stuff… really!

5. What if your morning bowl of muesli contained a hidden breakfast table?

Well this one does, right there in the barcode! It’s amazing how realistic it can look, just from a few lines.

6. Now if you were making the barcode for the back of a shampoo bottle, would you pass up this opportunity?

No way, you’d make it look like hair, dang it!

7. This happy little chicken on roller skates was on the back of chicken style strips!

Did you know that every time you buy vegetarian food, a chicken gets some roller skates!

8. This was on the back of a children’s book about thunderstorms!

What an adorable way to capture kids’ imaginations!

9. This barcode is amazingly creative!

It’s wonderful what the designers can do with a few lines moved around!

10. It must take an artistic eye to see a bird’s cage in a barcode!

Imagine finding this on the back of one of the products in your kitchen cupboard!

11. For some reason, this barcode has been made into two giraffes toasting in between some drapes

I don’t think the product contains any actual giraffe, but it’s always worth looking at the ingredients.

12. A fisherman doing his job on the rough sea

Whatever was in this can has gone kinda out of date now, but the barcode design might just be timeless!

13. This barcode has even been included in this wine bottle’s overall design

I don’t know if it would make me want to buy this wine over my favorite, but it’s certainly creative!

14. This shaving cream can’s barcode is pretty much genius

Now how neat is that!

15. This barcode was on the back of a pack of spaghetti pasta

If your spaghetti winds up looking anything like that, I would try cooking it for longer.

16. The roots of this tree make up the barcode!

I love the silhouette person carrying the basket away, it looks so effective!

17. Nope you haven’t drunk too much of this beer, that barcode really does look like trees!

After sinking a couple of cans, that would certainly confuse the heck out of you!

18. This was on the back of some shower gel

I guess the designers just went to have fun with it!

19. Check out this surfer figure catching a wave!

This one is so cool, and still does its job as a barcode too! That’s the cleverest part of all of these, they still work just as well!

20. The New York city skyline appears on this can, in barcode form!

What a great way of letting your customers know where your product has come from!

21. This company’s logo is repeated in the barcode!

That’s pretty amazing, right?

22. This hand reaches right through the barcode to make some tea!

What a simple but effective touch!

23. Children’s books aren’t the only ones that can be creative when it comes to their covers!

It really ties everything together with the themes of the book!

Have you ever seen a super creative barcode on the side or back of something you bought in the store? Let us know what that was in a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family.