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If there’s anybody who is the lowest of the low, it has to be cheaters. If you’ve ever been unfaithful to a partner, shame on you!

Imagine taking all that love and trust and just throwing it back in somebody’s face, just because you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Well guess what? The grass is only greener where cattle have been pooping! These folks found out the hard way that their bulls**t didn’t cut it with their switched on ex, and now they have cr*p all over their shoes.

Marvel as these low down dirty cheaters get dragged all over social media, so that the whole world – including their friends and family, of course – get to see what a low down dirty dog they are!

Sorry if there are any dogs reading this, maybe that was a little offensive to you, but this kind of thing really makes our blood boil!

But don’t worry, these idiots got found out and exposed in the most hilarious ways possible, and it looks like they’re gonna get everything that’s coming to them.

Just check out these photos and see who comes out looking worse!

1. Well, I guess he’s Kelsi’s problem now

Sheesh, that has to be history’s most shameful scavenger hunt. At least it looks like a bunch of people will have scored some free videogames!

2. Apparently this guy’s wife wanted at least 10,000 people to know what he did before she would take him back

Girl, I would THINK about taking him back, I wouldn’t give him that guarantee! After all, he broke his word to you!

3. I’m pretty sure from the reflection that’s NOT Nikki taking the photo

So a whole bunch of people have seen this and put it all over Facebook and Twitter before Dave the Cheater even gets back to his cheatmobile!

4. Jeez Alice, get out while you still can

At least this is a case where the husband and wife both ganged up on the wannabe cheater!

5. Like the last guy said, pics or it never happened…

So I guess this really did happen. Hold on though, Applebees? You’re cheating on your girlfriend at Applebees?! Have some class, would you?

6. Maybe it was in there when you bought the mattress?

Well this guy seems confused! I guess Jessica helped him out by giving him the bum’s rush. Good for her, the helpful gal!

7. This lady spared no expense exposing her cheating husband

Do you have any idea how much one of those costs? Me neither, and I’m not about to cheat and find out!

8. Tim seems like a nice guy, but why are all his Tinder pictures with a gir-

Oh. That’ll just about explain it then.

9. I really hope this guy got caught

We should definitely all start doing this, let the cheaters know there’s nowhere to hide!

10. Sable knows what’s up

Looks like Abby is the least of your problems now!

11. Quit while you’re ahead Jonny

You’re not ahead. You’re waist deep. So stop digging.

12. Wow, these people’s mood swings are really something else

It’s all love you one minute, go to hell the next! I think they must both be split personalities.

13. How stupid are some of these people?

I guess that’s your soldier boy’s cue to take his leave!

14. Jess didn’t bank on these two coming back to haunt her!

Yeah, it’s men that are the problem, you just keep on telling yourself that.

15. Well now here’s a complicated story

So is he sleeping or going out to eat? Let me get this straight here!

16. I think Lynette needs the definition of ‘cheating’ explaining to her

I think the guys wife would probably think the same thing, why would she want someone who’s gonna cheat on her?

17. Settle down everyone, Vicky has a story to tell

I hope she finds somebody better!

18. This story is a lot simpler

Guess it’s not so complicated then! Am I the only one who thinks him being called Randy is unintentionally funny?

19. This guy says he can’t name drop

But I’m pretty sure we all know who he’s talking about here!

20. You just answered your own question!

Did this person confuse Facebook with Google?

21. Ah, the ol’ ‘left your Facebook logged in’

Seriously, what happened to just posting a hilarious status? Now every Facebook account seems like a hotbed of cheating!

22. Why are you two even friends on Facebook!?

Seems like a strange friend request to get!

23. You play with fire, you get your fingers burned

Dang, what a savage. Do not mess with this lady!

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