22 Of The Worst Clothing Fails You’ve Ever Seen

22 Of The Worst Clothing Fails You’ve Ever Seen

We all like to make a fashion statement but some statements should just be kept to yourself. I mean, nobody’s perfect, look back at some of the crazy things we all wore in the eighties and you’ll see what I mean, but there’s a line and these people have crossed it. From design flaws to straight up fashion disasters, here are 22 of the absolute worst clothing fails of all time.

1. That’s a really unfortunate place for a flower design.

Maybe somebody should tell her it looks like Aunt Flo’s come for an early visit this month!

2. Honesty is the best policy.

Don’t wear this one on a plane unless you want all of the other passengers to know that you’re responsible for that smell.

3. Erm, no. No it isn’t.

I think somebody should have paid more attention in Geography class.

4. Can’t have been that essential then…

Did nobody think to point this out when they were putting the design together? Really?

5. When Santa got stuck up the chimney he began to shout…

Please, just let Santa out of there. There’s not much time left before Christmas, you know!

6. She’s really on board with that poop emoji fad that’s going on right now.

What is this even meant to say? I don’t care, from now on it’s just turd.

7. More unfortunate flower placement…

Maybe we should just stop putting flowers on the lower half of dresses from now on, deal?

8. There’s a few countries who would like to have a word with you about this…

If you want to offend about 5 countries at once, this is how you do it.

9. I’m not gonna bother asking this guy for help.

I don’t even want to think about what state your food would end up in if you did!

10. The two girls on the right look really happy about this…

Well you’d be annoyed too if you had to be seen in these monstrosities!

11. Because who wouldn’t want a pocket in the middle of their back?

I mean, really, what could be more useful than a pocket you can’t even reach?

12. The Keep Calm trend isn’t for everyone

This is why jumping onto a bandwagon without thinking won’t end well for anyone.

13. That’s the prettiest picture I’ve ever seen!

When you tell somebody you want a picture on a shirt, don’t just send them the link. You’re asking for trouble!

14. So good they named it… once?

I love New York so much I don’t even know what state it’s in!

15. I wonder why this wasn’t a best seller?

Definitely keep this unzipped unless you want things thrown at you in the street!

16. The person who made this was a really big fan of the ol’ 90 degrees.

Personally I prefer 35 degrees, it’s acute angle!

17. Fits like a glove!

Actually those arms are so long you could probably fit several pairs of gloves in there too.

18. But… wasn’t Lincoln born in 1809?

He partied so hard he went back in time!

19. It says LEVI’S!

But you all know what you think it says, don’t deny it!

20. That’s quite a landmark!

Is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

21. Wait, what?

I have no idea what anyone was trying to say with this one.

22. How does this even work?

Is it shorts with armholes or a shirt with leg-holes? This is a mystery that will never be answered.

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