22 Times Nature Scared The Pants Off Of Us

22 Times Nature Scared The Pants Off Of Us

Who here thought that nature was all adorable fluffy bunny rabbits and cute kittens? Well I’ve got news for you, sunshine, you couldn’t be more wrong! Nature is brutal and scary and sometimes it makes me want to hide in my bed and never come out again. Don’t believe me? Check out these 22 pictures of nature being totally terrifying and don’t blame me if you can’t sleep tonight!

1. Wooden you like to know what this is?

This hornets nest formed around the head of an old wooden statue… and now it will be forming my nightmares for years.

2. Nothing scary here…

Just a mama centipede protecting her babies… it just¬†looks like something that wants to kill you.

3. I wouldn’t want to be this guy’s dentist

Imagine having to put your hand anywhere near that! No thanks.

4. Is that… another foot?!

Eww it’s so tiny, I’m glad this isn’t a video because I don’t even want to know if it can move by itself!

5. It’s worse than the Chucky doll

It’s like the wasps go around looking for the creepiest place to make their nests on purpose!

6. There are so many bees in this wall that the honey is dripping through

Could be worse, I guess. It could be dripping blood.

7. This fishing rod got struck by lightening

And that’s me never, ever going fishing again.

8. As if I even needed another reason…

I already told you, no more fishing, you don’t need to show me this fish with human-like teeth! Never again!

9. Imagine finding this in your garden

Oh, it’s just a caterpillar, not something that’s going to try to kill me… I think.

10. So many questions, but I don’t think I want to hear the answers

Those red teeth make it looks like it’s already given someone a vicious bite!

11. Thousands of fireants clinging together to escape a flood

Of all the things I WANT to escape a flood, I must say these are at the bottom of my list.

12. These used to be flowers

Now they wouldn’t look out of place at a funeral.

13. This landslide in Taiwan

Imagine how terrifying it must have been to be driving along when that happened! I don’t even want to think about it.

14. Oh, fancy seeing you here!

See the blood on the guys finger? I think this parasite already tried to take a bite!

15. This tree got struck by lightning

It still looked like this 24 hours later! It looks like a gateway to hell!

16. This wingless fly attaches itself to bats’ heads and never leaves

Talk about overstaying your welcome!

17. Do you like my new shell?

I think it brings out my creepy, gross, terrifying side.

18. Okay, yes, it’s creepy but…

Doesn’t it also kind of look like Mr. Burns? Release the hounds!

19. Are you sure you’re okay? That looks painful.

Nothing to see here, just shedding velvet… in the most hideous way possible!

20. Is this real or is it a prop from Star Trek?

I guess we should just be glad it’s not tribbles.

21. At least she looks happy to be here!

Stood atop this lava pit that looks like it’s devouring the souls of all living things.

22. That’ll teach you to go out onto the ice!

Someone found this drowned fox in the ice, cut it out and left it there as a warning to others considering walking out onto the ice. Well if that won’t scare you into staying safe, nothing would!

How are you feeling? Like you want to go and watch a comforting children’s movie with a mug of hot chocolate and a teddy bear until everything gets better? Me too. Which of these pictures scared you the most? Let us know in the comments! And while you’re at it, share this article with your friends. You know the only thing that makes being scared better is knowing that your friends are much more scared than you are!