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Snapchat is a social media app which allows you to send photos to people that disappear after your friends sent it.

It also allows you to share your ‘story’ with your friends and family for 24 hours.

I will agree that Snapchat is great for sharing snippets of your life with your friends and family, but it’s often used as a platform for oversharing and revealing things about yourself that you should have kept hidden.

Like the fact that one of your favorite places to snap is when you’re on the toilet, or that you’re hiding under some girl’s bed. It’s these things that can lessen their respect.

Trust us, you don’t want that.

The truth is, we’ve all been guilty of oversharing on Snapchat, but we don’t always admit to it because sometimes we do send unnecessary things to our friends that our friends don’t want to see or know about.

Like the fact that you’re having a poo on the toilet. I think we could all live without that brown nugget of information.

Be honest, do your friends really need to see another photo of you every morning with the “I woke up like this” caption?

No, they don’t. So please stop sending them!

While I admit that Snapchat is an excellent tool to have, it’s also an embarrassing tool.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these 15 embarrassing photos.

Realistic Shower Picture

Now I can believe you when you say you got out of the shower looking like that!


Thanks, Kaitlyn Bristowe for spoiling the Bachelorette before the final episode aired. So rude!

Perfect Timing

What a lovely photo, I’m sure everyone who sees it will treasure it forever.

Sneaky Selfie

I hope her mom doesn’t spontaneously check under the bed. That wouldn’t end well…

Lonely Man

While it’s sad he’s taken that himself, I’m rather impressed he managed to take it with his feet.

Smoke and Mirrors

Oops, I bet she didn’t expect that top happen.


There’s always someone who is trying to ruin the perfect moment by doing something silly in the background.

Poop Time

Because all the best selfies are taken on the toilet!

Soup Party

Why have I never thought of this?

I’m Lonely

Maybe if you cover yourself in pizza the dog will love you more.

Up Chuck

There’s always something ruining the perfect sexy selfie!

Wild Mom

Put your boobs away mom!


Well, that was a terrible idea!

Cheaters Never Win

Oops, looks like you’re in trouble!

Hidden Poo

Yes, you have a lovely body, but that dog poo isn’t going to pick itself up!

You Don’t Know Me

I may not know your story but trust me, I’m still judging you!

What On Earth?

That’s one creepy looking face swap!

Leaking Through

Maybe buying those ripped jeans weren’t a good idea after all!

Wrong Person

This is always an awkward occurrence but we’ve all been there.

No More Poop Selfies

People, seriously, stop this!

Best Face Swap Ever

That’s not a snapchat fail, that’s a snapchat win!

Two Face

Maybe a ghost is sitting on your lap?

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