22 Photos That Are So Uncomfortable You Won't Make It To The Last One - Aunty Acid Buzz

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We, the people of the internet, know what we like in our pictures. We like symmetry, we like when things line up just perfectly and we LOVE when things are put together just right. This is why every single picture in this article will make you want to tear your hair out and call it a day. Here are 22 of the most uncomfortable pictures on the net, each more cringeworthy than the last!

1. This desktop is just wrong!

How do you ever find anything?!

2. Okay, whose bright idea was this?

There’s a real genius out there who’s feeling very proud of himself right now.

3. Which part came first?

Did the small leaf grow through the big leaf or the other way around? Either way it’s just not right.

4. Going up…

Actually, you know what, I’ll wait for another elevator, thanks.

5. The poor mailman

Imagine having to deal with this door every single day of your life. Nope!

6. I’m moving out right now!

Seriously, get the estate agent on the phone, I cannot live with this!

7. As if the dentist weren’t creepy enough.

Imagine that staring down at you wielding a drill and anaesthetic!

8. Why? Why would you?

This just breaks all the rules of parking anyone has ever had ever.

9. This is going to end in disaster

Do you want diet coke all over your car? Because that’s how you get diet coke all over your car.

10. Why do new pencils do this?

Get out, pencils, you’re not welcome here anymore.

11. Design flaws? What design flaws?

Clearly this sink works exactly as it should, why are you so devastated by it? Oh the water all over the floor? Yeah, that’s meant to be there. It’s a feature.

12. What evil soul did this?

Whoever you are you are never, ever, EVER invited round to my place for Thanksgiving, you heathen!

13. I don’t wanna know what you’re marking in here.

Is it how many times she says the words “inner goddess?” Because I thought there’d be a lot more than that if I’m honest.

14. The best thing since sliced bread!

Except this is the worst thing. In the world. The whole world.

15. You want me to pee where?!

Now reaching the third floor where you will see somebody trying to poop, ain’t that grand?

16. Nope, I can’t eat that.

I know it’s blueberry but I still can’t eat it, Karen!

17. Think this is okay? Look again…

What’s wrong with this, you ask? Oh nothing, except that she’s SOLDERING HER HAND!

18. I’d just give up on listening to music, to be honest.

I mean, how could you use these? You can’t even use both headphones!

19. Oh come on!

I feel like this was an act of rebellion by someone who’d had enough of seeing these tiles for hours and hours every day.

20. The kitchen is ruined!

Can’t use the kitchen now this is in it. Just tear it all out and start from scratch because this has just destroyed everything I hold dear.

21. Don’t pee on the seat, please.

Because the men out there don’t have a hard enough time aiming, they HAVE to make things worse!

22. Why would you do this?!

Why wouldn’t the person who was installing this just turn it round? Do they just want to watch the world burn?

If you made it to this paragraph then congratulations! You can handle a serious amount of cringey, uncomfortable pictures! Good for you, well done!

If you made it to the end of all of these pics leave us a comment below and share with your friends! If nothing else it’ll be fun to watch them squirm when they see that badly sliced bread.