22 Lessons In Why You Should Never Buy A Dress Online

22 Lessons In Why You Should Never Buy A Dress Online

You can’t believe everything you see online these days.

Just the other day, I saw a video of a cat juggling three chainsaws, and right away I knew something was up. Call it intuition.

But then there are clothing websites, which offer a range of stylish outfits at amazing knockdown prices. Too good to be true, right?

Well honestly, yes. You get what you pay for. So if you’re paying a ‘cheap piece of cr*p’ price, guess what you’re gonna get?

If you think it’s gonna be designer standard, have you got a surprise in the mail!

Are you sure you didn’t just order the wrong size?

We all make mistakes, right?

I guess it’s not EXACTLY the same as on the website

But, close enough right? Um, right?

Okay sure this one is pretty different

It’s like somebody told the dressmaker about the one on the left over the phone, and they made the one on the right from memory.

Yeah that’s not the same at all, is it?

I’d be pretty darned mad.

This is WAY different!

Can I get my money back please?

It’s like the costume hire version of this dress!

How depressing!

This isn’t even the same color!

Never mind about the fitting issues!

Speaking of fitting issues

Probably inappropriate for going out in public.

Did they get the work experience kid to make this one?

Just who in the heck is that shape?

I think she’ll be sending that place an email

“Dear dress website: what in the freakin’ heck?!”

Do you have a dog? Maybe it would look nice in this skirt…

Or maybe even a really small doll…

Whoa! Now THAT’S inappropriate!

I guess you have to provide your own shorts?

It’s not just dresses you need to watch out for either!

This swimsuit fail leaves WAY too little to the imagination!

And as for this similar number…

Um, maybe try losing the socks first? Who am I kidding that’ll never look good…

Turns out this jumper dress doesn’t look good on every shape

If you have three-dimensional boobs for example, it’s not for you!

Maybe don’t go out wearing this one?

You could take somebody’s eye out!

Aw come on, that’s not even close to being the same color!

I have dresses in the bottom of my closet that look better!

Some people just go with it

Screw it, you paid your money!

I don’t remember the Cheshire Cat looking like this…

Something has gone very wrong here.

How do you spell ‘returns policy’?

I wouldn’t be seen dead, or even doing yoga in that thing… which would probably end up in my being dead!

She went for sexy maiden…

What she got was local battle medieval battle re-enactment weirdo in the park. And that guy’s a dude.

Nice dress!

Shame about the… um… dress.

We’ve all been there, right? I mean, maybe not quite as bad as this, but we all know the feeling. Have you ever opened up an online order and had that ‘aw cr*p’ moment?

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