22 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Secret Service

22 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Secret Service

We’ve all seen the movies and know what the guys who protect the president look like, right?

Well think again, because the secret service is a lot more secret than you’ll ever know about!

There are some mind-blowing facts about these guys that we bet you didn’t know before, and even some amazing secrets that have been let slip over the years.

We’ll let you in on them… but then, we’ll have to kill you.

1. There are way more secret service agents than you think

How many of these elite, best-of-the-best guards would you say there are? 100? 500? Nope, there’s actually around 6,500 of them!

2. The Secret Service doesn’t just guard presidents

They also protect the president’s family, former presidents, and also the families of former presidents. The Secret Service also has the job of guarding the president’s guests and anyone that the president tells them to protect. With great power comes great responsibility!


3. The job is dangerous as heck

Because the Secret Service have to be prepared for literally anything, they practice scenarios of murder attempts and shootouts before an important event, using bullets that are specifically made for these training sessions. The agents also go through skill development courses every eight weeks.

4. When you think of a secret service agent, what do you picture?

A guy in a black suit with a crew cut and sunglasses, right? Wrong! Agents never wear sunglasses on duty, in case glare or low lighting levels mean they miss something crucial.

5. Every agent has basic first aid skills

If there is any critical situation to save someone’s life before an ambulance arrives or before they arrive at the hospital, they have the medical training necessary to keep somebody alive. Routes to medical centers are also thoroughly researched by the Secret Service, so that a hospital is never far away.

6. Agents always have “presidential blood” with them

They are prepared to perform a blood transfusion on their boss if needed! They constantly carry extra blood for the president so as not to take chances with other donors.

7. Where their headquarters are located is a closely guarded secret

All that is known is that it is located somewhere in Washington in a building without any identification signs. There aren’t even any trash cans close by making it difficult to plant a bomb.

8. They have a secret underground bunker in a mountain!

That’s Mount Weather in Virginia, used to hide government representatives during an event where all other state officials gather.

9. The Secret Service has code names for presidents

Nope, that isn’t something Hollywood makes up just to make their movies cooler. They usually use names that start with the same letter for one family. So for example Barack Obama it was Renegade and his wife was Renaissance and their daughters were Radiance and Rosebud.

10. There are motion sensors on the Oval Office’s floor

It’s to trace movement and any potential threat to the President if he chooses to be left alone in his Oval Office. The Secret Service barely ever leave the president by himself, but when he does want to be alone, they can keep tabs on him.

11. Agents must participate in all activities the president undertakes

Because they can never leave him alone, if the president wants to go for a morning run, the agents go for a morning run. If the president wants to take up hiking… strap on your boots and check a bird book out of the library guys!


12. The president can’t even go alone to the doctor

It doesn’t even matter if it’s a super embarrassing personal problem, they can’t leave him alone with any physician!

13. The Secret Service checks all of the president’s incoming mail

That includes all electronic and paper letters that contain any threats. They also have a database of thousands of ink types to make it easier to investigate any possible threat.

14. There are three service phases that agents must go through

They are not involved in fieldwork at first, and have to get through a long process in order to do that. First, they have to work at the office for about 3 years, before progressing onto the next phase of more challenging tasks that last about 4-7 years. In the final phase, the agent is promoted either to a higher position, or goes back to office work!

15. They constantly monitor and record everything

They always have as many cameras as possible around them. Doesn’t sound so secret, but it helps with finding any possible perpetrator. After the murder of JFK, it was decided to have a car that was responsible for video recording a presidential cortege.

16. They never take an oath swearing to give their life to protect the president

Even though agents dedicate their entire professional life to protecting the president, they don’t have to throw themselves in front of a bullet.

17.  But one agent did sacrifice his life for the president

There has been only one case in history when a Secret Service officer died protecting the head of our nation. His name was Leslie Coffelt and he was murdered on November 1, 1950, defending Harry Truman.


18. The Secret Service was established on the day that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated

It was suggested by the Secretary of the Treasury, Hugh McCulloch. He presented his idea to Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, the day he was shot attending a theater.

19. The service was originally created to cope with counterfeiters and financial frauds

The organization still does all that stuff in addition to protecting the president and his family and friends.

20. Secret service agents are trained to have their hands always at the ready

Their hands are always at their waist, meaning that the agents are ready to react quickly and are prepared to raise their weapons at a split seconds’ notice.

21. What came first, the United States Secret Service or the FBI?

Well, in 1908, the attorney general hired nine Secret Service agents and commissioned them as “special agents of the Justice Department”. Eventually, these special agents would be seen as the heart of the Bureau of Investigation and went on to be called the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

22. There has never been a traitor or double agent

Over the years the agency may have hosted foreign spies, but they have never made it to be an agent. There has been no member of protective detail betraying his or her country.

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