22 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Secret Service

22 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Secret Service

We’ve all seen the movies and know what the guys who protect the president look like, right?

Well think again, because the secret service is a lot more secret than you’ll ever know about!

There are some mind-blowing facts about these guys that we bet you didn’t know before, and even some amazing secrets that have been let slip over the years.

We’ll let you in on them… but then, we’ll have to kill you.

1. There are way more secret service agents than you think

How many of these elite, best-of-the-best guards would you say there are? 100? 500? Nope, there’s actually around 6,500 of them!

2. The Secret Service doesn’t just guard presidents

They also protect the president’s family, former presidents, and also the families of former presidents. The Secret Service also has the job of guarding the president’s guests and anyone that the president tells them to protect. With great power comes great responsibility!

3. The job is dangerous as heck

Because the Secret Service have to be prepared for literally anything, they practice scenarios of murder attempts and shootouts before an important event, using bullets that are specifically made for these training sessions. The agents also go through skill development courses every eight weeks.