22 Cringeworthy People Who Are Too Horrible For Life

22 Cringeworthy People Who Are Too Horrible For Life

Some people are just too cringeworthy for this world and all of those people somehow end up on the internet. I don’t know why they do it, maybe there’s just something about the net that brings out the crazy in people, but here we are, with an article full of cringeworthy creeps. Check this out and see if you can keep yourself from cringing until the final photo!

1. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what ‘new’ means.

Seriously, if this is what she thinks is new I’d hate to see what old looks like!

2. Ever stop to think that you might be part of the problem?

Somebody clearly has issues with perspective.

3. I am very, very disappointed… with myself.

Is there anything worse than having to follow up your own angry email with an apology? I think not.

4. The only thing worse than an idiot is a racist idiot.

I think the only person who needs to get out of here is you, buddy.

5. No. Just no.

It’s not even a particularly well done tattoo. Vile.

6. Yes. Men are the problem.

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?

7. Is this really any of your business?

Why do you care so much about this woman’s body hair? Because I’m absolutely sure she doesn’t give a crap about yours!

8. You won’t be missed.

As somebody who used to work in retail, I’m sure they’re practically skipping with joy now that they know your miserable face is never coming back.

9. There are so many things wrong with this sign, I don’t even know where to start.

But my inner grammar fiend is insisting I begin with that rogue apostrophe.

10. Were you trying to be really creepy? Because you succeeded.

Goggles nervously? How about vomits noisily?

11. Look at how edgy and cool I am

What’s the bet he’s made at least one inappropriate joke comparing the size of his sword to the size of his manhood?

12. Help! The chicken got to me!

Well, I’m pretty sure you have to perform a ritual sacrificing 3 blocks of tofu to the god of veggies.

13. Are grammar is ded gud

If you’re gonna play grammar police, at least take the time to check you’ve used the correct “their”!

14. You think he’d have realised this…

Never question superhero fans, they will shut you down with facts before you can even hit the post button.

15. The world is a circle now? Who knew?!

This is truly the biggest mystery of our time.

16. That’s not how this works. At all.

Oh come on, how could you possibly believe that that’s a thing? This has to be a joke, right?

17. Ladies love hoodies

Because that’s all it takes to be a gentleman, a nearby lady and a hoodie.

18. Do your eyebrows REALLY need to be that unique?

Nope, put your eyebrow pencil down right now, these eyebrows are CANCELLED!

19. Maybe check who you’re sending that text to before you send it?

Good luck explaining that to your Mom, John!

20. Now that’s a quick 180 attitude turn

You’re beautiful. I want to take you out. You don’t like me? You’re a hoe. Those are some serious mental gymnastics you’re pulling there, buddy.

21. Drugs are bad, mmkay?


22. This is a new level of desperation

You know your life really isn’t going well when you have to resort to a fake automated Facebook message to try to get women to talk to you.

Did you make it? Did you get through this whole thing without cringing? If you did then leave us a comment to let us know! And while you’re at it, share this with your friends too, you know you want to see them squirm at the cringe!