21 Weird And Wonderful Photos Taken At Just The Right Moment

21 Weird And Wonderful Photos Taken At Just The Right Moment

Sometimes you’re in the middle of taking a photo and something suddenly happens to make it a million times better. You might not see it coming, you just take the shot and all of a sudden you’ve got the best photo you’ve ever seen! These are 21 of the weirdest, most wonderful photos that have ever been taken at just the right time.

1. I love how happy he looks, he clearly didn’t see that cocktail coming at all!

This is a rare photo taken just before a family fight that will be remembered for decades. And Dad just doesn’t see it coming at all. Sorry kiddo, Mommy had a few too many cocktails to even try to balance another!

2. Yeah, go ahead, look, I know I look absolutely stunning. I am fabulous and you know it.

No Mom, this isn’t a phase, I’m just cooler than you’ll ever be. Get used to it!

3. I wouldn’t even be sad about this, this guy just made this glamour shot a million times cooler.

I mean he’s happy and you get to look like a beautiful mermaid princess, what’s not to love about this?

4. What is this Barbara? Is this meant to be a joke? Because I am not laughing.

This is what happens when you buy something for cheap online. Nothing good ever comes of it and now your cat hates you.

5. Is it… is it meant to taste like a Pikachu?

Honestly, there’s not a single part of me that wants to know what a Pikachu would taste like. I’ll just stick to chocolate ice cream, thanks.

6. Sometimes you just can’t get a break!

Do you think T-Mobile did this on purpose? I definitely think they did this on purpose and I kind of admire their game.

7. A big part of me tells me that this is a photoshop job gone horribly wrong, another part of me tells me that it’s as real as the hair on my head.

Do you think they struggle to buy shoes? You couldn’t fit show off that mammoth toe in a pair of sandals, that’s for sure!

8. Lying with your neck like that for so long cannot be good for you!

Seriously, that looks painful, maybe you should see a doctor or get a massage or something?

9. Well, if you’re going to be crappy to people, you can at least be funny about it.

If you make people laugh, they’ll even forgive you for driving like a complete idiot.

10. Something tells me that these two aren’t friends.

But if you’re posing like this in the club instead of having a good time, you’re probably more interested in yourself than friends anyway.


This dog is having the best. Birthday. Ever!


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