21 Times Kids Shocked Us All With Their Genius Inventions - Aunty Acid Buzz

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Kids make it their job to constantly surprise you. Whether that’s by making announcing to the whole store that they really need to poop, or by coming home and telling you the math teacher was ill so they took the class instead depends on the day of the week.

But sometimes it can just be a good surprise. Like when your kid starts walking before the age of one, can read before the age of two, and knows Pi to a million decimal places before the age of 3.141.

These kids have looked around the place, seen a problem, and solved it. Which has to be a good thing!

No, they haven’t solved it with boogers. Or by offering it some of their juice box. Although that would probably help with most of my problems.

Just read on to find out how clever kids these days can really be!

Well, if my feet were that close to my head, I’d be doing the exact same thing

Only joking kiddo, I’m just jealous of your genius really!

This kid invented a new way of watching your phone and tablet hands free

I don’t wanna go around making out I can predict the future, but I think this kid is going a long way.

But not as far as this kid is going!

In case you can’t tell because your mind isn’t as brilliant as this child’s, they’ve made a home theater system. Yours cost $3,500? This one is a cardboard box and a phone, and tell me which is better!

This kid made a dashing top hat out of old Pokemon cards

Never mind that a few of them are probably super rare and selling on Ebay for hundreds. Just let him have his victory.

This little girl has invented a pouch system so you can take a drink without stopping the game

Because no mom you can’t just pause it, it’s an online game! Goddddd!

An 8 year old has invented a way of making sure you never drop your book in the bath again

Let’s assume that it looks like it’s been dropped in the water lots of times from before she invented this contraption.

This boy is a big Nascar fan, and has a genius way of keeping track of the track positions during the race

It still takes a lot of concentration and an impressive level of Nascar knowledge if you ask me, but more power to him!

This kid saw a problem and solved it!

Pokemon Go players being mowed down by cars because they were looking at their phones too much? A big glowing ball should solve that! Genius!

This mom asked for an iPad holder for the kitchen

Her clever child came back with this Lego version. It even says ‘Mom’ on it! Cute, simple and effective if you ask me!

What is it with kids and their freakin’ monkey feet?

Kids can do this sort of thing with no problem. In 30 years’ time, she’ll be counting that as the days’ exercise!

This is a 4th of July birthday cake for mom

I can’t work out whether the whole thing is cake, or they’ve just stuck some candles in a real live watermelon. You never know what you’re gonna get from a kid’s mind!

This is one solution to allergy season

Just what the heck is even going on here, is taking your medicine really that hard?

Presenting the Grab It All

Either that’s a prototype, or little Ryan has a REALLY poor business plan that the bank manager will not approve of.

Somebody’s been listening in science class this week

He built a speed racer out of some household objects and a balloon! Now all you need is another boy genius to race against, kid!

This kid didn’t let a little thing like a torrential rain storm stop him from flying a kite after watching Mary Poppins

That’s right, it’s a balloon attached to a fishing pole!

A 3 year old invented a way of stopping your pencil from rolling off the table

Nobody tell her that’s what the ridges and flat edges are for! Just let her have this!

This kid has definitely been reading those life hacks that you see online

She’s got a DIY soundsystem for her phone now. Wait, what are all these young kids doing with phones?

So that’s a homemade fidget spinner

It’s made from a yo-yo wheel, toothpicks, a rubber band, and some hot glue. Any more stupid questions? I didn’t think so! Moving on…

Another home theatre, this time made from a Lincoln Log frame and a phone taped to a hat

Hey, if you’re gonna walk around the neighborhood like that sonny, you could probably use that one other kid’s Poke-Glo safety button!

I can see several very dangerous flaws with this…

But you’ve gotta applaud the kid’s ingenuity!