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Something we can all agree on is that it’s hard to be a woman.

There are so many little things that we need to do in order to maintain our womanly appearances.

Whether it’s shaving your legs and armpits for a social occasion, or forgetting to remove your makeup before you head into the shower, you have to admit, it’s hard work being a woman.

Here are 21 things most women will absolutely understand and relate to.



I don’t know about you but I hate applying eyeliner.

I’m terrible at it and I know many other women struggle with the task too. But they do say pain is beauty.

When you’re applying your eyeliner there is so much to think about, mainly ‘is this equal?’

Just doing a few flicks never works with eyeliner. Quite often, most of us end up looking like a panda.

Hair, lip gloss, and the wind is not a good combo

Lip gloss is a makeup essential. But whenever you wear it make sure you’ve checked the weather.

As soon a there’s a gust of wind, your hair is bound to stick to your lovely and glossy lips.

Your nails chipping

If acrylic or gel nails aren’t your thing, then you’re going to have to paint them yourself.

Most of the time our nails will look great afterward, for about five minutes. As soon as those five minutes are over our nails start to slowly chip away.

With each chip, a little bit of our hearts breaks away too.

Forgetting to take your pill

This is a struggle most women will know or go through at some point in their life.

It’s seriously irritating trying to remember to take your pill every single day. If you forget to take it, it’s your fault, but it’ so hard to keep track of which day and which pill it is.

Drawing on your eyebrows

Eyebrows use to be so simple. You use to pluck them till they were thin. But these days you have to fill them out until they look bushy and natural.

I struggle to keep up with the latest eyebrow trends!

Also, doing your eyebrows is almost as hard as eyeliner. Making sure they match is impossible.

Wearing cropped jeans and  unshaved legs

When the sun is shining we like to get our legs out.

But the problem is, this means we have to start shaving our legs more and more. Which, let’s be honest ladies, no one wants to do.

But if you’re wearing cropped jeans, it’s important to make sure you’re legs are shaved. Otherwise, it makes for one awkward and uncomfortable situation.

Wearing  Tights

Wearing tights is a challenge as it is, especially when you have a ladder in the inner thigh area. But wearing tights when the elastic has overstretched is a challenge in itself.

But it’s only when we’ve left the house that we realise we made a horrific mistake with our tights.

Wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are fun… Until you rest them on top of your head when you’re in the shade.

Nothing is worse than getting those same sunglasses STUCK in  your own hair!

It’s a pain when you try to untangle yourself.

Visible Panty Lines

We can all understand the annoyance that is known as the visible panty line.

VPL has the power to ruin a perfect look and embarrass you!

There are very few ways to get around VPL. Go commando, wear no VPL pants (which are hard to find), or wear a thong.

But the problem with wearing a thong is having it give you a wedgie. But is it really worth it? No…

You can’t just wee like boys can

Trying to have a wee is not a simple task. Most easy accessible places are mainly for men, like public urinals.

This often leaves us crouching behind a commercial bin after a night out, hoping you don’t fall in your own puddle of pee.

But if there is public bathroom for you to use, you cover the seat in tissue paper… You don’t know who was on there before you!

Taking your bra off

This is the best feeling. Especially after a long day at work.

Taking off your bra is a sign that you’re planning on doing nothing else for the rest of the day.

Seriously, I can’t think of anything better than that feeling.

We can even unhook and pull it through our sleeves.

Scheduling your showers to social events you have that week

I know most of us schedule our showers so they meet with our social obligations that week.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to have dirty hair when they attend their best friend’s wedding…

The only solution to not doing this is to apply cans and cans of dry shampoo.

Being late and convincing yourself you must be pregnant

Regardless if you’ve had sex in the past month, you convince yourself that you MUST be pregnant because there’s no other explanation.

You feel like an absolute idiot when your period finally comes.

Messaging someone a bunch of questions and only having one answered

This is especially true when you’re texting boys.

We can text a boy/man 5 different questions in a row, but they’ll only reply to one. It’s a strange thing that irriates many women and has started many fights.

Remember guys, we only send them because we expect people to actually reply to them!

Dropping food down your top

Whenever you’re eating, you can guarantee that you’re going to drop at least one bit of food down your top and get it wedged in your bra.

It’s an irritating feeling, especially when you’ve got crumbs down your shirt.

Breaking a nail

Breaking more than one nail is fine, but just breaking one nail is heartbreaking!

We invest so much time and money to achieve the perfect nails, and they don’t even have the willpower to stay in tact for a couple of days!

When someone accidentally elbows your boob

We can all agree that this is a fairly painful experience.

It’s also really awkward!

How do you react to something like that? Does anyone actually know how you should react to that kind of situation?

When you diet and your boobs lose weight first

Dieting is hard work, so we want to see quick results.

But most of the time we see a difference in wait in our boobs first.

Our boobs are usually the first place we lose weight, which is so unfair! I wanted to lose weight not boob mass!

Can’t my bingo wings lose weight first?!

Buying matching underwear sets but never wearing them as a duo

Most of us own a few sets of matching underwear.

However, we very rarely wear them as a set. We’ve essentially wasted  $30 on a luxury set of underwear, that we’re not going to wear as a set. Oh well, sometimes it’s worth it!

Leaving the shower looking like Alice Cooper

I often forget to remove my makeup while I’m in the shower, or before I actually go into it.

I always convince myself that it’ll wash away just fine, but in reality, it never does!

I often end up leaving the shower looking like Alice Cooper.

When you’ve planned an amazing outfit in your head but it awful in real life

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than this.

The amount of planning that goes into picking a look is intense. It’s heartbreaking to see the outfit combo you’ve planned for days looking terrible on.

What’s even worse is trying to rush to find another outfit in a rush!

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