21+ Photos That Will Drive Your Inner Perfectionist CRAZY

21+ Photos That Will Drive Your Inner Perfectionist CRAZY

There’s something really satisfying about seeing things line up perfectly and look just right. That’s what makes it really, REALLY infuriating when something with the potential to be that perfect is thrown off by something beyond our control. Just take a look at these hideously annoying photos and try not to get angry!

1. Okay, who did this?

Oh, some on, you were so close, why did you have to go and give up on perfection right there?!

2. Just take my penny!

I don’t know about you but I would be demanding that the cashier take an even $40!

3. But the cap was right there!

I get the feeling that somebody was just trying to be annoying.

4. Put that knife down immediately!

Congratulations, you’ve just ruined the whole pie.

5. This is the biggest waste of packaging I have ever seen.

Sorry, I don’t care how much I need this prescription, I’m not taking it.

6. Isn’t an eraser meant to, you know, erase?!

It’s bad enough that you’ve made a mistake in the first place but this just makes it ten times worse.

7. Pack your bags, we’re leaving right now.

I just couldn’t live with this in my house.

8. Can’t we just rewire the whole thing?

There’s a seriously evil electrician out there who does this on every job he goes to.

9. He strikes again!

These are all in the off position. Can somebody find out who this electrician is so we can kick his butt?

10. This is just infuriating

I don’t care if I have to open the whole thing, that’s getting changed right now!

11. Some people just want to watch the world burn

Would it be so hard to just turn the thing around a little bit?

12. Why would you do this?

Nope, I can’t eat the rest of this KitKat now, you have it.

13. One for the Harry Potter fans out there

Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?

14. This isn’t just annoying, it’s impractical!

I mean, you know that the second you close this up all of your papers are going to fall out of it.

15. Why do you even need so many of these?!

Why? Why would anyone arrange these like this? Why? WHY?!

16. A little light humour…

Except there’s nothing funny about this. At all.

17. This is driving me crackers!

Just open it and turn it around. Right now. Seriously, RIGHT NOW.

18. How could somebody build this and purposely leave it like that?

Whoever they are, they are wrong and everything in their life is wrong.

19. This is just evil

They must have gone to so much effort to do this that there’s no way it wasn’t malicious.

20. Who put this here and how did they even make it fit in the first place?

Nope, we’re doing all dishes by hand from now on, I don’t care what you say.

21. Nope, I just can’t live with this.

I think if we combined all of the pictures in this article we’d have the recipe for the world’s most terrible kitchen.

22. No, I don’t want juice any more.

You didn’t even take the chance to pop the straw through the little hole!

23. I’m finding a new store to go to, starting now.

Yes it’s the closest to home, and yes it’s the cheapest, but I never want to see that floor again in my life.


It’s so simple, just give it a little turn! Why aren’t you turning it?!

25. I give up.

Somebody out there clearly hates me and all that I stand for.

26. Let’s look at some adorable puppies to make everything better…

NO! Why would you do this to me! Just switch them around! They’re too cute to be so annoying!

27. Everything could have been so perfect

That one just HAD to fall over, didn’t it? Typical.

28. I’m putting these back and choosing another packet.

There’s no way I’d pay to take something like this home with me.

29. It’s enough to turn you to drink!

I would happily drink my way through all of this beer just so I could fix this.

30. I can’t even go to relax in the park!

Seriously, in this day and age nowhere’s safe!

What’s the most infuriatingly imperfect thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Let us know about it in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, because if you’re annoyed by it they have to be too!