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You’ve heard all about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the state of Texas, USA this week.

The hurricane brought with it winds gusting upto 95 kilometres per hour, which devastated many homes and resulted in the loss of lives. But what has really hit hardest is the flooding that the storm has brought with it.

It has left some areas several feet underwater, and has caused billions of dollars worth of damage in what has been called “the worst disaster in Texas history”.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the people who lost their lives in the storm, and the flooding which has hit cities like Houston afterward.

It’s an incredibly sad situation, but we hope we can bring a little hope in the stories of folks just helping each other out in order to survive.

The pictures really speak for themselves, of people who might have lost it all, but aren’t gonna give up.

The one positive thing to come out of the situation is people have really pulled together to help those in their time of need

A Houston Police SWAT Officer named Daryl Hudeck carried Catherine Pham and her 13-Month-Old Son Aiden. This picture was taken moments after officer Hudeck rescued the Phams from their home, which had been surrounded by floodwater.

This police officer passed out from exhaustion, from the effort of helping victims of Hurricane Harvey for hours and hours

What an amazing guy, just think of all the people he must have helped. It’s people like this that deserve all the credit they get, and make such a massive difference.

This man named Steve Culver cuddles his dog Otis

He describes the moment Hurricane Harvey hit his town as the most terrifying event in his life. The storm destroyed most of Steve’s home while he and his wife were taking shelter there. Despite all that, you can see the relief on his face that his beloved hound is alright.

You can just tell that this guy is so determined not to leave his dog behind

This is Isiah Courtney, who carried his dog Bruce to safety through the floodwaters in Beaumont Place, Houston. He’s heading up a line of survivors, all carrying those who can’t make it to a safe place on their own.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Department Deputy carries two children to safety from their flooded home

They look like they’re more concerned with not getting their feet wet! The positive outlook and innocence of childhood always makes things seem that little bit more bearable.

If there’s one thing that the world saw during Hurricane Harvery, it was good people helping one another out

If somebody is in need, you help them, right? That’s exactly what’s going on here as police constables help this lady reach dry land.

I hope this dog finds a home, he’s grabbed what’s most important to him and gone to find shelter

Apparently this dog is also named Otis, and he was spotted walking around Sinton, Texas carrying a whole bag of dog food with him. Bless his little heart.

This furniture store threw open its doors when the worst of the weather hit, to provide food and shelter for flood victims

Apparently the owner ‘Mattress Mac’ is known locally to be something of a pillar of the community, and always does whatever he can to help out those in need. What a guy, we need more like him!

The poor dog looks just as terrified as everybody else, but his owner is seeing him safe

This is Joe Garcia, who carried his dog Heidi out of his flooded home after the hurricane had passed.

These guys couldn’t get the donuts that they wanted as the store was all closed up

But that didn’t stop them from helping out stranded members of the community around Houston, rescuing residents and animals alike in their canoe.

When times get as tough as these, you just have to make your escape any way that you can

Alexendre Jorge did exactly that, when he evacuated 4 year old Ethan Colman with a little help from his paddleboard when Ethan’s neighborhood became inundated with floodwaters.

Tired and cold, but at least they have each other

Pets are just as much a part of the family as anybody, so people made sure to never leave them behind. Time and again, we’ve seen the kindness of humans to other people, and also to the animals they treasure so much.

People did whatever they could to make sure those precious to them were safe

A mom waiting to be rescued from her home shared this picture of her baby in a floating plastic crate. Anything to keep her above water, and she actually looks quite cosy in there!

This dog was spotted hanging on to a guard rail for dear life in Houston

People found her shivering on their way past and they rescued her. Well, they couldn’t just leave her there of course!

This relief worker hugged his family extra tight when he got home after 44.5 hours of helping strangers

Events like these make you appreciate what you’ve got all the more, right? You can tell that this guy certainly does, after the things he has seen.

This dog is keeping watch on the area around its home despite the floodwaters

Its home had been surrounded by the storm’s effect for 2 days in Friendswood when this photo was taken.

Residents at La Vita Bella Nursing Home in Dickinson await rescue

I hope these care home residents didn’t have to wait too long to be rescued. What amazing people these senior citizens are. You can even see their cat in the background, waiting as patiently as the elderly people it lives with for help to arrive.

These guys used an airboat to rescue stranded Houstonians

That’s Dean Mize holding the baby and Jason Legnon at the controls, driving the boat. Mom is Shardea Harrison, who is in the process of evacuating her 3 week old baby Sarai from their flooded home. Thank goodness they’re both okay, with the help of the efforts of these guys.

This lady used an air mattress to keep her and her beloved pooch afloat

I hope the helicopter in the background is coming to pick them both up from that completely flooded street as soon as possible.

They both look devastated by what has happened, this is such a sad picture

This is Lisa Rehr with her 4 year old son Maximus. They lost their home in Rockport, and they’re waiting to be evacuated with all of the belongings they could salvage right there in the blue tub.

Look at the difference between Houston on a normal day compared to when the floods hit

You can really get a sense of how devastating the flooding has been for everyone around the city. These aren’t the only shocking photos of how much flooding has effected the area after the hurricane.

You can really see how high the floodwaters rose from this picture

Just imagine how tall those traffic signals are when you drive down the street. Stay safe, Texas! Everyone is proud of your response to this disaster!