21 Images That Will Instantly Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

21 Images That Will Instantly Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Most of us have been caught doing something we either regret immediately, or we’ll regret it the next day.

Most likely, we’ve done these embarrassing things while we were drunk out of our minds. I know it’s no excuse.

The worst part about a night out is having to get up the morning after with a sore head, a yucky tummy, and countless regrets slowly coming back to us.

We also have to deal with the aftermath of any drunk texts we may have sent the night before!

Most of us probably have a friend that constantly manages to get themselves into strange and bizarre situations every time we go out with them, and we always have to help them out. But that’s what friends are for.

But it doesn’t stop us from taking photos of videos of their stupidity.

A lot of that comes down to the fact they have no shame or sense of regret.

They live for the moment and don’t care who sees.

But sometimes some people just do something so bold and brash it makes you wonder if they really have no sense of shame.

Their behaviour is shameless and you quite often don’t know where to look.

To prove my point, here are 21 people with no sense of shame that will crush your faith in humanity!

That’s A Bad Idea

Anyone who thinks this is a clever idea clearly shouldn’t be driving!

Put Them Away

Don’t put your feet up like this when your on a plane! It’s gross…

How Rude

It’s ok, it’s not like we’re trying to watch a film or anything…

Sleep Time

It’s ok, it’s not like we wanted to sit down or anything anyway!

Proof Reading

I know it’s a kid’s book but proof reading is always a good idea!

Law Breakers

Should we tell them they’re breaking the law?

Don’t Do It

I seriously think she should let them bee…

Taking A Lot Of Space

What kind of idiot thought that this was good parking?

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

I didn’t want to watch the in flight movie anyway!

What Is It?

It’s not a sandwich, it’s a big disappointment.

Why One Star?!

Why would you put a one star if it didn’t disappoint you?

None Gluten Free Gluten Free Cookie

Lies! Why are you lying to us?

Thanks UPS!

I’m sure whatever the package is, it’s lovely and wet now!

Gum Sticks!

Just put your leftover gum in the bin! It’s not hard!

Gum In The USB

Why would you even do this? It’s so rude and inconsiderate! It’s enough to drive you mad!

Password Crazy!

Is all of this even necessary? I don’t think so!

All My Space

Whoever owns this bike, just know your a jerk!

Why Would You?

Why would you even put this on paper?

Nice One!

Your not meant to do that! That’s breaking the rules!

Why? Just Why?!

Why would you put shrimp in the coffee aisle? That’s such a waste!

All One Bin

What’s he point in trying?

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