21+ Images Of Terrible Pollution From Around The World Today

21+ Images Of Terrible Pollution From Around The World Today

13. New Delhi, India

New Delhi is the capital of India, and is home to a staggering 25 million people. It’s for this reason that the city and its outskirts are overflowing with landfills and dust as a result, and the centre is unbelievably densely populated.

14. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Because of rising sea levels, island nations like the Maldives could be in trouble in the coming years and decades.

15. Electronics dump

Electronics are just dumped in many parts of the world, even though they contain many toxic elements.

16. British Columbia, Canada

Entire mountains have been removed of their forests in rural Canada, causing landslides because the root systems of the trees holding the topsoil together. It’s just one of the many ways humans have ruined the natural habitat of the planet.

17. Nevada desert, USA

We make things like tires so hard wearing, but we never think about where they go after we have used them. Often they just go to landfill, like this tire dump in the state of Nevada, thrown there and forgotten about.

18. Hurricanes and tsunamis are becoming more destructive

Thanks to greater population density of cities built on coasts, there is more for extreme weather like hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes to damage.

19. Cattle farm, Brazil

Farming is often done on an industrialised scale these days, and all of these animals are just bred to be killed and eaten by us. Even the amount of land that they take up is incredible.

20. California, USA

This oil field in California is almost completely lifeless as we look for the precious natural resource under the ground. What happens when that runs out?

21. Glaciers melting

Temperatures around the world have increased as the amount of pollutants in our atmosphere increases, causing the ice caps to melt, and in turn sea levels to rise.

22. Power station, UK

So much vapor is released by this power station in the UK that it actually blocks out the sun.

23. Indonesia

This boat ploughs through a river of trash, plastic floating on the surface of the water, in Indonesia.

24. Surfer in Indonesia

Look at the amount of trash in that wave!

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