21+ Images Of Terrible Pollution From Around The World Today

21+ Images Of Terrible Pollution From Around The World Today

Do you worry about the future of the planet, and what effect the human race has on it?

Even the most ‘green’ of us probably don’t think about it all that much. Sure we recycle our paper, and maybe reuse our plastic bottles a few times, but we don’t really think much other than that.

Well maybe after seeing these photos you’ll think more about the state that we’re leaving the planet in.

It’s like we’re creating a terrible mess, and we’re expecting somebody else to come and clean up after us.

Will these photos make you change? Read on to find out!

1. Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti

One of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince was completely devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. It’s not hard to see why this happened, with so many buildings and people crammed into such a tiny space. Unfortunately, the tiny island nation has been struggling to recover ever since, and they’ve used a lot of precious natural resources to do it.

2. Mexico City, capital of Mexico

The capital city of Mexico is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. No matter how polluted you think the city that you live in is, you can times it by ten for Mexico City. Just from the way the buildings and houses take over the landscape, you can tell how many toxins must be being released into the air all the time.

3. London, capital of England

Even in a city like London, with a river running through the middle, the pollution levels can be insane. Heathrow airport is just outside of London and is one of the busiest transport hubs in the world. You can tell the amount of air traffic above the city, just by looking at the vapor trails streaking through the air.

4. A forest fire doesn’t stop animals from grazing

Even though there’s a deadly manmade fire coming right towards them, these cattle still have to graze for their food.

5. Yellow River, China

This man sails along the Yellow River in China, which is foul smelling due to the amount of pollution. Apparently in certain weather conditions, the toxic river kicks up a smell that’s almost unbearable.

6. Bangladesh incineration plant

Just looking at the amount of garbage that we produce, and then in certain places it is just burned up so that it doesn’t take up as much space anymore… it makes you think that surely we have to figure out better ways to dispose of our trash.

7. Colorado, USA

In recent years in the state of Colorado, rising temperatures in recent years have meant a noticeable increase in wildfires all over the state, forcing thousands of people out of their homes.

8. Oil sand processing plant, Canada

Imagine how much pollution a place like this gives out every day, pumping toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Most people probably don’t even know what it’s for, or where the produce goes.

9. Canadian oil sands development plant

From high above the ground, you can see how much this development plant has scarred the natural landscape of where it has grown.

10. Oregon, USA

An entire forest was cut down in Oregon to make way for a new dam. Sure it might be an important development, but at what cost to the landscape, and to the natural habitat of millions of wild animals. Not to mention the air quality in the area!

11. Diamond mine, Russia

Look at the size of this quarry, mining for precious stones in Russia! The amount of natural resources creating something like this takes up is almost unthinkable!

12. This bird died from consuming plastics

The amount of plastic in our oceans is rising because none of it rots or bio-degrades in the sea.


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