21 Of The Most Hilariously Disastrous Kitchen Fails Of All Time

21 Of The Most Hilariously Disastrous Kitchen Fails Of All Time

Not many of us would consider ourselves a master chef, right? But we get by in the kitchen! I mean, it’s either that or go hungry!

So none of us are really iron chefs. We more warm stuff up than actually cook it! You know, warm up some pasta, warm up some meat and veg, then warm up some sauce! Presto, cooking… sort of!

But some people, gosh bless ’em, don’t even reach those standards. Their kitchens are a no-go area of accidents waiting to happen.

I know what it’s like. You come home after a long day at work and maybe your cooking isn’t on it’s A game. Maybe these folks were just having an off day. But you’ve got to admit, their disasters are pretty hysterical.

1. That’s the face of complete and utter defeat right there

But at least the cat is having a fine ol’ time!

2. I’m no Michelin starred chef, but even I would struggle to mess up this badly

Maybe it will give an extra delicious barbecued taste to your spaghetti! Or then again maybe you’re just a freakin’ idiot who burns the most basic meals in the recipe book.

3. Pretty sure that’s in fact not fine at all, buddy

Now you’re down one pot and one dinner. So I guess it’s a takeout for dinner tonight then? Just like every other night this week then.

4. What were you making for dinner, a pipe bomb?

I thought my kitchen was a complete disaster area! I guess I didn’t even know the meaning of the phrase until I saw this pressure cooker fail!

5. They should make a medal out of this thing

Awarded for outstanding services to being a freakin’ idiot.

6. Wow, whatever your day job is, REALLY don’t give that thing up!

Because Sonic the Hedgehog here is a complete and total horror show.

7. Expectation versus reality on cute little duck buns

Not so cute anymore, huh? They look like they’re rising up out of a volcano!

8. Speaking of volcanoes…

This person was trying to make caramel, but ended up looking like they were trying to conjure a demon.

9. I have a feeling that I’m going to be asking this a lot, but…

Just how in the heck did this happen? Did the person think they were so good at baking it was making their vision blurry?

10. It’s time for Expectations Versus Reality Part 2! This time starring Cookie Monster!

Wow, they look like frogs that have been run over crossing a busy road.

11. Trying to make brownies in a microwave mug?

Well you’ve messed up so badly that every single drop of the mix has jumped out of the cup now, but apart from that you’re doing great!

12. It’s times like these that you know it’s time to buy a rice cooker

Either that or slice it up with a bread knife and dish it out like nothing happened!

13. That monkey cake looks like it would scare kids if you brought it out at a party

I think you’ve overestimated the power of your baking skills.

14. Either an olympic level discus thrower lives in this house… or a really, REALLY bad cook

Have any of your failed experiments in the kitchen meant you have to redecorate? Because until you get to that point, you probably haven’t really messed up.

15. She wanted a snowman, instead she got Slimer from Ghostbusters

If there’s one thing that can really mess with your holiday seasons it’s… erm… not getting your giant snowman cookie thing. I guess.

16. Pro tip in the kitchen; stuff changes shape when you cook it

Just think of spaghetti! That stuff doesn’t stay straight once you’ve cooked it! So if you draw a face on something, then cook it… it may come out of the over looking like a torturrised soul!

17. Those things are definitely NSFS… Not Safe For School!

You get an A for effort, but an F- for execution… but I bet they were delicious, so there’s that going for them!

18. I feel bad for the person who made these eggs

I bet they cooked their eggs and rice to perfection… it’s not their fault that the stupid eggs stuck together and wound up looking like something from Men In Black.

19. Why would you try making a meat loaf look like a baby?

Let’s face it, this thing was never gonna look anything other than terrifying!

20. Warning: don’t drink and cook, people!

On the plus side, now you’ve seen the absolute most amount that some fries and nuggets can be burned. So I guess anything below this you can consider a victory!

21. If I saw this in my oven, I would probably just burst into tears right there…

I guess that’s a quick way of burning a few thousand calories!