21+ Great Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong

21+ Great Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong

Have you ever had a great idea that’s just gone terribly, terribly wrong? Yeah, me too. I just thank my lucky stars that nobody was around with a camera to share my misfortune on Facebook! The people in this article, however, were not so lucky! Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Happy Valentines day, dear!

A whole bouquet of asparagus? Aww, you shouldn’t have!

2. How could this possibly go wrong?

Yeah, this was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Sucker.

3. Hey, at least we’re not drink driving!

Surely we can get by on that technicality, right officer?

4. Why would you do this to your pizza?

Seeing this delicious pizza get ruined hurts me on a personal level.

5. This is the creepiest face swap I’ve ever seen

I’ll be having nightmares for years now.

6. This was never a good idea at all.

Do none of them really realise what a terrible idea this is? Really?!

7. Poor Ted!

This went from romantic date from horror movie in a matter of seconds.

8. He was trying to look like a genius. He failed.

Glasses? I don’t even think a PHD could make this guy look smarter.

9. I think whoever designed this just really hated their job.

Pumpkin spice lattes are overrated anyway!

10. Shh, it’s a secret!

Don’t worry, the entire internet won’t say a word, I promise.

11. Somebody should have taken his own advice.

Sorry buddy, the road to success is closed.

12. Actually, I’ve seen much worse ideas!

I mean, it beats walking around with no shoes on at all!

13. Sometimes you just want to relive your childhood.

Then you realise that it will just never be the same.

14. These vines went and had a few drinks last night…

They’re still recovering, they’ll be able to stand up straight in a minute, honest!

15. It’s in the bag!

Just tell people it’s the latest weird Instagram trend and it’ll be fine… Maybe.

16. I’m sure she won’t regret this

Especially when she’s 90 and her grandkids are asking her who Justin Bieber is.

17. This actually looks like fun…

I just wouldn’t want to be the one to clean up after it!

18. So inspiring. Wow.

I feel like I can conquer the world now, how about you?

19. When you go to the beach and you’re finding sand in everything you own for weeks.

How did I get sand in my coffee? I didn’t take any mugs to the beach!

20. Somebody’s about to get hurt…

…And I don’t think it’s the kid.

21. This pantomime horse is a long way from the theatre

I can’t help but think that if they get eaten it’s their own fault.

22. Memories, light the corners of my mind…

That’s the kind of memory that will stick with you forever.

23. You do know this is permanent, right?

At least when he’s bored he can play checkers… on his face.

24. I really hope this wasn’t an office night out.

If it was then there’s only going to be one topic of water cooler gossip on Monday morning!

25. Welcome to the friendzone

Make yourself comfortable because you’re never getting out.

26. Asking your boyfriend for makeup help is asking for trouble.

She just didn’t think it would be this kind of trouble!

27. I don’t know what this guy did to deserve such wrath but it must have been pretty terrible.

Before you try to win your ex back, maybe you should check that she’s actually interested. At all.

28. This dog sure is angry!

For some reason, the local dog shelter won’t take him! I can’t figure out why!

29. Ikea makes fools of us all.

But seriously, did this girl have no idea what a chair’s meant to look like?

30. You had the whole parking lot and you managed to hit the only pole.

That’s a serious skill. I don’t think it’s a skill anyone wants, but it’s still a skill.

31. Do you hear the lambs, Clarice?

I asked her what she wants for dinner and she answered “Some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

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